Our Bowling Champions

Meet the team who will represent Infrastructure Services in the bowling battle against The Service Desk: Ted Blaney, Roark Fisher, Chris Kirkham, and Duane Lee

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The epic tournament will take place eventually… in the meantime, everyone is invited to join the usual group for bowling on Thursdays at noon. Just make sure to contact Chris K. to let her know you’re interested before day’s end on Wednesday.

Break Room

We’ve got a fancy shmancy new screen in the Break Room, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Thanks to AIS, this screen showcases whose turn it is to clean AND who’s on the Treats R Us Most Wanted List! What a great tool to help us remember to keep our lovely Break Room clean and to remind us all to stay honest. ;)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.53.40 PMP.S. Networking — I’m sure you remembered to clean the break room this week, riiiiiight?! If not, there’s still time!


September Outages

In September we had 23 submitted outages. 6 of those were submitted by LeRoy Brown, which makes him September’s winner for most submitted outages. Since we’re late in recognizing him, LeRoy has express permission from all of us to help himself to free popcorn for the next TWO months. Lucky guy!

Remember, the main point of using the Service Disruption System is COMMUNICATION. In just about all that we do here, communication is key. The more we keep each other aware and in the loop of relevant items and issues, the stronger our working relationships and the smoother everything runs overall.

The ITIS Crowd

You may remember Harley Anderson. He worked in AIS before taking off to Arizona where he earned a certification in Sound Engineering. Well, he’s back, and now working in Media Services. So here are a few things about him, in case you forgot or never knew: He was, in fact, named after the motorcycle. He’s the drummer in a band called Brightside. And he’s been back working as part of the ITIS Crowd for just over a month now. Welcome back, Harley.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.19.46 PM

Bowling Continues

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.37.08 AM


Thursday bowling continues to be a fun, team-building experience, and we’re gonna keep doing it until people stop showing up.

If you’d like to join in the fun, contact Chris Kirkham to let her know by the end of today so that she can reserve enough lanes. 12pm tomorrow in the SLWC, price is around $5. See you there!

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Data Center Installations - Eaton should be in the Data Center today checking software on everything and preparing to install the new power modules. Hopefully by next week we’ll be getting replacement parts installed for the failed components from June’s outage.

Wireless - Wireless is starting to stabilize. They’ve brought up a new pod and are putting it into testing this week.

New Building - Travis’ team has started pulling cables into the new building. Speaking of the new building, anyone intending to visit or work within the new building needs to have attended one of their safety trainings. Contact Travis with questions on when these are being held.

Access is not permission – Some words of caution and professionalism: Just because you CAN access something or somewhere, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.


Password Manager Pro

Brett’s team is moving forward on Password Manager Pro (PMP).

The plan for putting it in place will be to train the people currently using the old password system, Network Password Manager (NPM), before starting to use PMP in parallel with NPM. Once we’re comfortable, we’ll set a date to decommission NPM, and then we’ll get everyone else trained on PMP. MmK?