Happy Pioneer Day!

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Happy Pioneer Day! 

Do something fun or commemorative on your day off:)


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Info Request: Top Projects

Tom Rasmussen needs information:

What are the top 5 projects, areas, or issues within your divisions being worked on or that need to be addressed in the coming year?

For example, here are a few of Eddie’s: 1-Working with campus administration on employee retention and morale. 2- Development of an Operational organization within Infrastructure Services. 3- Accelerating the integration of Media Services as part of our team.

Get the idea? These can be specific projects or just general areas that will be priorities for your divisions over the coming year. If you haven’t already, please get with your directors to make a list and get them sent over to Tom Rasmussen ASAP (by Monday at the latest). Teams that have already submitted their top projects are Systems Administration, Media Services, and AIS. Everyone else, get crackin’. Thanks.


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Data Center Cleanup

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Last week, Brett’s team and a few others did a major cleanup of the Data Center. The last time they did this, 2 years ago, they took care of some of the low-hanging fruit. A lot of the big stuff that they weren’t quite ready to get rid of last time they were able to take care of this time around. Brett actually said he was surprised by how much they ended up pulling out. This is probably one of the more important projects undertaken this summer, as it should really help us with our aged inventory. AND it was one of those rare opportunities for our guys to break a sweat on the job;)

Thank you everyone who helped out with this.

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How was the IT Retreat?

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The IT Retreat was a huge success. Lots of fun and good eats, and the speaker, Darren Johansen, hit on some great topics that we could all relate to.

Speaking of the speaker, Tom Branam especially liked when Darren talked about there being more than just options A or B in life. Instead of just reverting to the default “thumb” reaction (even if it’s the right one), there are always 4 more fingers (or options) to consider. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a moment to pause, consider, and look outside the box when we’re searching for solutions. The Media Services guys especially appreciated being able to put names to faces, and Eddie agreed that the retreat allowed us to let our guards down and engage with each other more (the exercise to build the tallest straw structure definitely helped with that;).

Some helpful criticism on the retreat was that moving straight from the speaker into the cooking and eating, instead of having a little break in between, may have kept us from losing some people. It was also mentioned that the location of the venue was a little far to travel for some of our team further south (though I think we can all at least agree that it was a BEAUTIFUL venue). If you have any feedback on the retreat or suggestions for next time, please let Eddie or Chris know, or feel free to leave a comment below!

Here’s a great handout from the speaker with tips to living a happier life: Retreat Handout. And by next week we should have the video of Darren’s entire presentation available to download for those who weren’t able to make it or who just want to watch it again. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out all the pictures taken by Chris K. and yours truly.

A special thank you to Eddie, Chris K., Dave, Kevin, Michelle, Debbie, Ray, Beth, and Vickie for going above and beyond to make this event such a huge success.


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Data Center Clean-up Day

On Wednesday (the 16th), starting around 8:30 or 9 in the morning, Brett and his team will be doing some clean-up at the Data Center. They’ll be getting rid of servers not in use, cleaning out racks, making stacks of disks to be shredded, piling up surplus to be hauled off, and other such fun, cleany-type things.

If this sounds awesome to you, join in and help out. The more the merrier! 


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Wireless Project

The project to increase wireless density is coming along. The contractor has all of the wires placed but not terminated in the CS Building. Telephone Services has the first floor of the LA Building completely wired, and Duke is starting to place access points. We’re in the process of ordering more access points now.

Power Outage 

There will be an outage on Wednesday (the 16th) at 10:30pm for an hour or so while we fix a few more things that got messed up or broken on June 9th. All of our systems should stay powered by the generator, so this shouldn’t be a big issue for IT. 


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IT Retreat is THIS WEEK!

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The IT Services Retreat and Summer Family Party is this Thursday in Highland. It’s going to be a LOT of fun and a GREAT team-building experience!

Here are the essential details:

1-4pm: Team meeting and inspirational presentation, “Create and Live the Life You Love”.

4:30pm on: Families are welcome to join for games, dinner, and awesome outdoor activities (we’ll have a few bikes and kayaks to use. Bring your fishing poles, frisbees, roller blades… whatever you want!).

Vickie sent out an email with food assignments on the 14th. Directors should have made assignments within each group by now. Any questions, talk to Eddie or Chris K.  

Here’s the original flier with more details:  SummerParty2014  

See you all there!! :)


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Cleaning the Break Room

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People people people! We’ve been slacking a bit in our responsibility to help keep the break room clean. It’s still staying clean enough (thanks largely to Chris Kirkham), but we can all step it up. 


  • Week 1 is AIS
  • Week 2 is Infrastructure
  • Week 3 is Networking, and
  • Week 4 is Systems Administration

Coordinate with your director during your week to clean. There’s a checkoff sheet on the back of the door that’s very helpful in making sure that everything gets done without doing things twice. Systems Administration will pick up the occasional 5th week, and split weeks count as part of the month in which 3 or more of its weekdays take place. 

Use the Breakroom Checklist (also posted in the breakroom) so that things get cleaned proper-like. Thanks, everyone! :)


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How was Las Vegas InfoComm?

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InfoComm International is the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide. Last month, more than 37,000 people attended the conference in Las Vegas, including a few of our Media Services guys.

Brandon Bolander was happy to share with us a couple of the new technologies and trends he noticed: “One big thing that we’re noticing,” he says (and I paraphrase), “is that every company is wanting to delve into collaboration and collaboration spaces… you bring your own device…hook it up so that you can view what someone else is working on, or put your own stuff on a big screen and share it with everyone…it’s starting to become a lot bigger. Another thing that’s starting to come out that’s cool, for us especially, is HDBaseT, which is basically a connectivity standard for running video cables, audio cables, control cables, etc. via a more integrated and simple solution, which is huge. It’s exciting, interesting, and worthwhile to keep up with as much of these new advances as possible. It kind of blows you away because there’s so much information, but it was really fun.”

This was Brandon’s first time at InfoComm. Thank you Brandon and the rest who went for keeping your minds sharp. It may be worth it for the rest of us to look up some new technologies and trends coming out that we’re less familiar with. Here’s one resource to get ya started: InfoComm Resources page.


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Happy 4th of July!

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A happy long weekend to all of you! Enjoy celebrating Independence Day.


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