Ben Sainsbury, China – 3 October 2009

Well it’s the Chinese national day holidays this week, and the patriots of china have come out in full force.  Almost every car has a Chinese flag on it, and the cities are lined with the communist flag on every street.  Sounds of fireworks are heard periodically throughout the day and well into the nights.  Meanwhile in Beijing’s attempt to impress its citizens they rolled out the big guns at the nation’s capitol in an attempt to inflame nationalistic pride. I think it worked 60 years is an important number in Chinese culture it is the age of a ripe life, and in this sense the country.

I took the opportunity to travel a bit around china during the holiday.  I originally tried to get foreigner access to either Tibet or Xinjiang in western china and go out there with a friend I made at the Australian consulate, however we were denied and my friend ended up going to Taiwan.  I stayed and traveled shanghai, visiting the shopping malls and taking in the big city with some friends.  I than took a 3 hour train ride to Nanjing (the capitol of China for periods of time throughout its history) I stayed in Nanjing for two days seeing historic sites. I paid my respects to Dr Sun Yat Sen tomb in Nanjing sun Yat Sen who was the founder of the ROC 1912-1949 until they were ousted by Mao’s communists; however the communists still consider sun Yat Sen a father of modern day China and are respectful as such. They have a national park which is dedicated to him near Nanjing, though there was little mention of Jiang Kai Shei (the nationalist who fled to Taiwan after Maos takeover, the nationalist rule.  Also there nearby were the tombs of the Ming dynasty emperors whom had also made Nanjing their capitol.  These tombs are around 800 years old and the history behind them is amazing.  I really enjoyed my history trip to Nanjing during the break.  Other than that I explored around Xiaoshan where I live a little bit. Climbed a few mountains, got a few foot massages, (which are really cheap here) and just relaxed a little bit.bensainsbury.3oct.017

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