Ben Sainsbury, China – 27 September 2009

Hello all, another week in the town of Xiao Shan (depressing mountain) has proven to be another decent one.  My main duties as of late have been to go around Zhejiang province with some of the government workers I work with, and inspect factories.  These factories have contracts with companies outside of China so mainly all of the materials they make will be exported.  It is the government’s job to go in and make sure the products are up to snuff.  In fact my main duty on these little adventures is to really make sure nobody is handing money under the table to maybe have a government official turn a blind eye on certain things.  It happens all of the time, sad but true, communists countries tend to be very corrupt.  But I still have a good time going with them, and on my end I just make sure that we are doing things legit out here.  A lot of foreign companies even though have to comply with the Chinese regulations as far as exporting goods go will hire a third party…like us…to work alongside the government officials to make sure their products are really what they say they are.  It has definitely given me a good look as to how our biggest trading partner runs things.

Every Sunday I have the opportunity to attend LDS church services, which was a surprise for me.  We meet for an hour once a week, and mainly just socialize.  We are not allowed to attend church services with Chinese Nationals and what not, but they can meet amongst themselves as well, and in every major city in china there is a local LDS Chinese branch.  Even though communism frowns upon religion, and has done their best to snuff it out among the locals in the past, religion is slowly starting to make a comeback in china, though if you’re a member of the communist party it is illegal for you to have a religious belief, basically the party is your belief. But as the closet capitalists are coming out in china, starting with the late Deng Xiao Ping the damage inflicted during the Cultural Revolution is starting to heal, and china is becoming more and more capitalistic every day. In fact a lot of the guys I work with like to joke that Chinese communists are more capitalists than Obama is. (Referring to tariffs against Chinese tires)

The 60 year of PRC rule in China is coming up and celebrations will last for 4 days starting on Thursday, they also have a mid autumn festival during the celebrations so everybody here is excited for the extra time off work.

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