Ben Sainsbury, China – 20 September 2009

As I drove down the streets of XiaoShan (depressing mountain village, near a remarkably modern city of hangzhou) where I live I noticed that on the main streets of the town big red Chinese communists party flags were being hung from the streets, and shops. A field of red with a large bronze star in the upper left circled by four lesser stars. It’s the commies 60th anniversary coming up in about a week or so, and all of the city officials, and businessmen don’t want beijings eye if they are not presenting the communists colors. A movie was even produced specially this year to attract a lot of the less interested younger populations. The movie has many Chinese starts that the young people love, and it’s the story of the maoist revolution, and the ousting of the beurgios nationals led by jiang jie shi (jiang kai sheik) I guess it is really well made according to a co-worker of mine who saw it on the opening day, I would personally like to go and see it even though it will contain some false information and have heavy political overtones. Taiwan is scheduled to come out with a movie of their own in about two weeks (the nationals holiday) to counter balance the Chinese one, but of course it will not be shown in china. Many of the young people here love the internet! As we know there are many sites that cannot be accessed but many of the young people know how to get around it, and can still read or watch whatever they would like on the internet.

The work here is great. I am in daily contact with communist officials in charge of exporting products around the world, they do all of the testing on goods coming from private factory owners to other parts of the world. The city of xiaoshan is on the border of a bigger city called Hangzhou. Hangzhou is great. I took a walk around the west lake (Xi Hu) and it was an amazing site, the lake was massive with a lot of traditional pagotas spread throughout the lake on little islands, a breath taking view at night. It’s a really modern city that caters well to foreigners but once you get out of the bigger cities its almost like stepping into a totally different world, where poverty is still a major part of Chinese rural societies.Ben Sainsbury

Ben Sainsbury

Ben Sainsbury

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