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Student first-responders aid emergency efforts

Layne S. Pace, battalion chief, City of Orem Fire & Rescue

I’ve been a member of the Orem Fire Department and credentialed as a firefighter paramedic for 32 years, including the last 12 as battalion chief. Among the many challenges in responding to medical emergencies at UVU is the ability to quickly locate patients and victims on its large campus.

UVU’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), created by emergency service students with the support of the UVU administration, University Police and Orem Fire & Rescue, will be a valuable resource in getting first responders quickly on scene to 911 campus calls. We need individuals like that in the community, first responders, civilian ERTs, people from all walks of life with the expertise and training to make a difference in the life of a student or faculty member in need of emergent care.

The ERT will be able to assist Orem firefighter-paramedics response to victims of everything from allergic reactions to strokes and heart attacks. The team will be able to do potentially life-saving work because of their training and ability to respond quickly. In the big picture, the ERT will be a key player in the emergency medical system, creating a significant benefit to UVU and its students.

(Read about this story from the perspective of UVU students.)

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