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Putting MBA skills to work in the community

Darek Easterly, Master of Business Administration ‘12

I learned how to be a better executive through UVU’s Master of Business Administration program. As a young vice president at a Utah software company, I utilized all the skills I acquired during the two-year program on a capstone project in which my MBA cohorts and I advised a local non-profit organization. Everything we learned in the program — from marketing to finance to organizational behavior — came into play as we worked to help a deserving organization.

There’s nothing easy about getting an MBA. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to make sure I learn as much as possible during the course of the program, but it’s all been worth it. Near the end of the program, we chose to apply what we’d been learning to help Community Health Connect, a local non-profit that brokers discount or free health services for those in need. As we worked on the capstone project, I realized how much I had learned as an MBA student at UVU.

As a young executive, I could have chosen to be satisfied with my success. Instead, I’ve become more valuable and confident through the knowledge and skills I acquired through the UVU MBA program.

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