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Practicing theater with Jason Alexander

Kelly Coombs Johnson, bachelor’s in Theatre Arts

Who would have thought that I’d ever share the same stage as renowned TV and Broadway actor Jason Alexander? But as a senior Theatre Arts student at UVU, I got to hone my craft alongside the ‘Seinfeld’ star during a once-in-a-lifetime, one-on-one workshop. I’ve always dreamed of making it on Broadway myself, so it was amazing to see how the performance methods I was learning in class translated to the big stage.

As I sang “Someone Else’s Story” from “Chess” in front of Jason, I was more nervous than I’d ever been on stage — was this Hollywood guy going to tear me apart? But his critique was both profound and kind, and forced me to think about the deepest parts of myself and dig at my heartstrings. It was a really emotional experience that brought out some of the basic lessons I’d learned in class, but maybe never embodied in my performances.

My theatre studies at UVU have gotten me even more prepared, not to mention excited, to pursue my life-long dream in New York City.

(Read about this story from the perspective of UVU faculty.)

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