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A dusty lab in the Holy Land

Darin Taylor, professor of engineering, graphics and design technology

Since 2010, I have had the privilege of taking students to Israel to put their skills to work on an exciting archeological project. The Beit Lehi project gives students in our EDGT program the opportunity to practice the things we teach in the classroom in a real field setting where accuracy and precision count. For what we do, there’s no better laboratory.

The project takes place at Beit Lehi, a dig site located on a military base about 22 miles south of Jerusalem. The site is home to dusty subterranean chambers and tunnels, some of which date back thousands of years. Our job is to survey, map and model the site so the archeologists can make sense of it all. It’s inspiring to watch our students put what we teach into practice on a project of such historical significance.

I love that, as a UVU faculty member, I have opportunities to give my students engaged learning experiences. It is so rewarding to watch the learning process come full-circle as students combine theory and application in a relevant way.

(Read about this story from the perspective of UVU students.)

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