Update On Campus Drive Roundabout Construction

Project Overview

The project will perform improvements and reconstruct the roundabout entering UVU. This project will excavate and resurface the roadway and repair or replace sidewalks, drainage, and curb and gutter. These modifications made will better align traffic entering the roundabout which will improve traffic flow.

The project is scheduled to complete in mid-August.

Project Activities

Crews have begun excavation of the asphalt and curb and gutter along Campus Drive and Sandhill Road, this will continue throughout the week of June 23.

Traffic is restricted to one lane entering and exiting the roundabout.

Activities for the week of June 23:

Crews will begin pouring concrete for the curb and gutter near the roundabout and the east side of Campus Drive. Motorists can expect some delay.

Project Impacts:

Project impacts will include lane restrictions throughout the project duration. One lane will remain open at all hours during construction.

Pedestrian access will be limited, please be aware of sidewalk closed signs and use alternative routes.

Other impacts may include traffic shifts, night work and right turn limitations from Sandhill Road and University Parkway.

Local residents and businesses may experience noise, dust, and vibration during the day.

June 20, 2014 by UVU Blog

Utah Valley University Maintenance Project Begins June 16

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Utah Valley University (UVU) will begin maintenance on the roundabout at Sandhill Road and College Drive to improve traffic flow from University Parkway into the UVU campus.

The project is scheduled to begin the week of June 16. Project activities include asphalt removal and replacement, repairing or replacement of pedestrian ramps, sidewalks, and curb and gutter. This project will also add streetlights and landscaping. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-August.

“This roundabout is a major intersection with high traffic. Performing this maintenance now will help to improve traffic flow.” said UDOT Resident Engineer Travis Ackermann.

One left turn lane will be closed from eastbound University Parkway into the roundabout. Other construction impacts will include lane restrictions, traffic shifts, and some night work. Area motorists can expect some delay. Local residents and businesses may experience some additional noise, dust, and vibration.

For more information, the public is invited to contact the public involvement team at 1-888-556-0232 or www.uvu.edu.
Construction activities, dates and times are subject to change because of weather or delays.

June 11, 2014 by UVU Blog

Parking the first two weeks of Fall Semester

Students of UVU, as returning students may know, the first three weeks of Fall semester brings a large number of vehicles to the UVU campus. In order to help alleviate some of the parking congestion during the start of the semester, we have allocated some temporary overflow parking. There will be approximately 285 parking stalls located in the grass playing field to the east of Lot L10. The entrance to this temporary lot is located at the east end of L10. This overflow parking will require a purple permit (yellow is valid as well).

We have also added an overflow lot by the Health Professionals building at West Campus. This overflow lot will be primarily used to house the vehicles of the construction crews working on the Classroom Building and Student Life building projects. By moving the construction crews to this lot across the freeway, we are able to free up more space on campus for student parking.

Remember, during the first three weeks of the semester parking is tight on the main campus. We invite you to carpool, use public transportation, or other means to get to campus if at all possible. If you must drive a vehicle, please arrive early so that you are able to park and get to class as needed. Thanks, UVU Parking Services

August 9, 2013 by UVU Blog

July Fire Alarm Tests

Hi, Wolverines! Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up on some more fire alarm testing. The tests will take place:

Tuesday, July 23, 2 p.m. in the Computer Science Building
Wednesday, July 31, 11 a.m. in the LA Building and PE Building

Thanks for your patience!

July 17, 2013 by UVU Blog

Summer Construction Updates and Fire Alarm Tests

Wolverines, we’ve got a bunch of updates for you today on a number of different topics. We appreciate your patience as we work to make campus better!


Starting the week of July 8th through the week of July 29th, there will be construction in parking lots L6 and L8 which will affect the north end of the parking lot. There will also be construction on Campus Drive along these parking lots as well as the access road to L8, L5, L3 and L14. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the work will be done prior to the opening of Fall Semester.

Use of Sidewalks

Campus walkway safety is of great importance at UVU. In an effort to protect pedestrians on the campus sidewalks, we need to follow UVU policy 429 which refers to campus walkway safety.

Anyone using a motor vehicle, any vehicle propelled with a motor, 4 wheelers, golf carts etc., must have a sidewalk permit. These permits are issued by John Brewer, Director of Public Safety after a demonstrated need for the permit.

Motor vehicles cannot be parked on the sidewalks or plaza areas.

The speed limit on a sidewalk for those with a permit is 5 MPH.

Those in violation of this policy may be issued a citation by campus police or parking personnel.
Please help us keep our campus safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim Michaelis, 8996

PA System and Fire Alarm Upgrade Schedule
A panel change out in the Sorensen Student Center is scheduled for the week of July 8.

Work in the Pope Science building continues.

Work will begin in the Browning Administration building and Woodbury Business building on July 8.

A few added speaker strobes are being completed in the Computer Science building.

Losee Center building will be complete by the week of July 8.

Liberal Arts building is complete.

PE building should be complete by July 12.

A panel change over on the Library and Pope Science building will be scheduled.

A small crew is working on the conduit for the interdict and should have 5 buildings ready by July 8.

Nelson Fire Team sounded and checked Speaker Strobes in Computer Science Sunday June 30. They plan to test again in Computer Science and start in Losee Center building July 4.

July 2, 2013 by UVU Blog

Road Closures near UCCU Center

The UCCU Events Center road will be closed starting July 2, 2013 until July 13, 2013. At some point this work will affect Campus Drive to accommodate the installation of a traffic light. The closure will affect the road off of College Drive, the west exit from the UCCU parking lot, lot L14 and the south exit to Events Road.

The road from College Drive to LC will be closed July 2, 2013. Asphalting this access road will begin July 12, 2013. Patch work on College Drive, southwest of Brent Brown Ballpark will begin July 11, 2013.

July 1, 2013 by UVU Blog

Classroom Building Groundbreaking (and Parking Lot Closures)

The new Classroom Building ground breaking will be June 14th at 1 p.m. In preparation for this event and the commencement of construction, Big D, the contractor, will be fencing off the construction area beginning Tuesday night, June 11th. The east entrance to lot L7 will be blocked off as well as Lot L7 and all but 5 rows of L6. This will be for the duration of the construction of the new Classroom Building that will be completed Oct. 31, 2014. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

June 7, 2013 by UVU Blog

More Fire Alarm Updates

Hey, Wolverines! Here are some updates on the fire-alarm upgrades happening across campus:

Today workers will finish changing the existing speakers and strobes in the UCCU Center to new speakers and strobes.

More new speaker/strobes are being installed in the Liberal Arts Building First floor. They should be completed by some time end of next week.

Work is beginning in the Physical Education building, the Losee Center, and the Sparks Automotive building starting June 3.

On June 5, workers will be doing a shut down in the Computer Science building and changing out the panels and smoke detectors Wednesday. Work will go from 5 a.m. until it is complete.

We are doing research in the Losee Center and will start this week pulling wire to new speakers.

UPDATE: Contractors will be changing fire panels and ceiling smoke detectors in the Losee Center on Thursday, June 13. Work will be mostly in the corridors and should not affect any classes being held.

Contractors are planning more fire alarm work on the following:

Sparks Automotive, Wednesday, June 19th, 3 or 4 hours

UCCU Center, Thursday, June 20th, about 6 hours

Gunther Technology, Thursday, June 27th, 6 to 8 hours


June 3, 2013 by UVU Blog

Power Outages and Fire Alarm Mapping Scheduled

Due to construction on the Student Life Building, we’ve got some power outages to make you aware of. The following outages have been scheduled:

Tuesday, June 4
Starting at: 5:15 PM
Duration: 8 hours
Building: Losee

Sunday, June 16
Starting at: 6 AM
Duration: 12 hours
Building: Sorensen Student Center

Sunday, June 23
Starting at: 6 AM
Duration: 4 hours
Buildings: Admin, EN, Pope Science, PE, UCCU Center, Sorensen Center, Central Plant, Woodbury Business

Sunday, June 30
Starting at: 6 AM
Duration: 16 hours
Buildings: Admin, EN, Pope Science, PE, UCCU Center, Sorensen Center, Central Plant, Woodbury Business

Call Frank Young at x7202 with any questions.

In addition, the following Fire Alarm Layouts have been scheduled:

Wednesday, May 22: Finish Losee building and start Administration building

Thursday, May 23: Finish Administration building and start Sorensen Center

Friday, May 24: Finish Physical Education building and anything left at the Liberal Arts and Computer Science buildings

Tuesday, May 28: Browning Administration building

Wednesday, May 29: Woodbury Business building

Thursday, May 30: Pope Science

Friday, May 31: Sparks Automotive building

Saturday, June 1: Gunther Technology building

Wednesday, June 5: Computer Science building

NOTE: The dates for these buildings may change slightly depending on the time it takes to map.

May 22, 2013 by UVU Blog

Parking Lot Paving Repairs for May/June

The crack seal crew will be doing repairs in the following locations:

Monday, May 13 & Tuesday, May 14
Lot M27 & West Campus Drive: traffic will be restricted to one lane.

Wednesday, May 15
Browning Administration Parking Lot 1: The north end will be blocked off; only half of the parking lot will be open. Five temporary stalls will be opened for ADA Parking on the south end.

Thursday, May 16
Browning Administration Parking Lot 1: The south end will be blocked off; only ½ of the parking lot will be open. ADA Parking stalls will be re-opened on the north end.

*Dates subject to change depending upon settling time of crack seal material.

Parking Services appreciates everyone’s consideration in not walking on or driving over the fresh crack seal as it is drying.

May/June Paving Lot Repair Schedule
May 15-24:
Asphalt patch Lot M25
Asphalt patch Lot M26
Asphalt patch pay lot – replace broken curb
Asphalt patch & 4” wide waterway and catch basin – Lot I
Asphalt patch at Campus Drive (Full width)
Asphalt patch Wolverine Way (Full width access road)
EE building – Asphalt patch & waterway
Concrete sidewalk Northwest corner – Lot M26
Concrete waterway – Lot M26 & Asphalt patch

May 20-24:
LC Access Road – Reconstruct
Concrete Repair Maintenance Area Lots – M22, M21

June 10-17:
Asphalt patch College Drive intersection
Asphalt patch at intersection L5 & replace curb
Asphalt patch UCCU Center Booth
Concrete, curb and gutter replacement – Northwest corner Visitor Lot
Asphalt reconstruction Events Center Road

If you have any questions, please contact Jack Boswell, Grounds Director, Extension 8354.

May 13, 2013 by UVU Blog