Upcoming events

There is a lot of exciting China-related events coming up at UVU:

“China Market” Lecture Series, every TUE/THU 1 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. in UVU SC cafeteria 2nd floor if not otherwise advertised, look for the Chinese lion head, free light lunch, see: http://www.uvu.edu/chinesestudies/activities/index.html

“Chinese Culture Night – Chinese New Year Festival” on FRI 2/15/2013 9.30-11 a.m. for Utah High School Students, 7-9 p.m. for the UVU community, UVU, Center Stage, organized by the Chinese Club and the International Student Center

Chinese Studies Conference, THU/FRI 3/7-8/2013 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., UVU Library, Timpanogos Room, incl. light lunch and dinner, see: 2nd UVU Chinese Studies Conference: China and the Asian-Pacific region – the new US Focus – REGISTER NOW

Field trip for UVU students to the Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Mar 20-24, 2013, San Diego, see: http://www.uvu.edu/chinesestudies/activities/

Does this poster hurt your feelings, increase your awareness of diversity and/or make you smile?


.Business Major and Chinese Studies Minor The UVU Chinese Studies Minor tries to catch attention and to draw attention to the good fit of their program with any Business Major using the poster on the left side (click on it for a larger view). On that poster, Chinese Studies draws a parallel to the saying “A match made in heaven” and a mixed couple of seemingly Western and Asian heritage. When a student suggested this poster originally, the group involved in approving it in the first place said that this poster was funny but would also catch attention. The group discussed that this special attention was due to the different heritage of the couple. People are used to see only white couples mostly and are not so much used to see mixed couples. The discussion group finally approved the posters because they said that it is good to have people becoming aware of what they are used to see and why they do not think it is normal to see mixed couples in a wedding. Today, mixed couples should be normal in the United States. So the posters were finalized and given to Campus Connection, who have the final say in these questions. Campus Connections approved it, even praised them as ‘romantic’, and the posters were hanged out.
Today, somebody took all of them off in the 1st floor of the Business School. At the same time, an email arrived in many colleagues inboxes calling the poster “racist” and “sexist”.
What do you think about the poster: Does it hurt your feelings, does it increase your awareness of diversity, and/or does it make you smile?


One-child policy in China


One-child policy in ChinaSince 1979, the government of the People’s Republic of China allows their urban citizen to have just one child, preventing around 400 million children from being born. This policy is discussed controversially both inside and outside China, due to negative social consequences and because of the way, how this policy is implemented. What do you think about this policy? What consequences does it have for the only child, its family, lineage traditions and society? Is this the right policy for today’s China? (Foto: CreativeCommons Licence via Flickr antwerpenR.) Interested in China? Enroll now in the UVU Chinese Studies Minor!

Everybody needs to eat. Why don’t we speak Chinese at lunch?

Chinese Lunch

It does not matter, how good your Chinese is, just speak it and practice it! We meet

every Tuesday and Thursday 1-1:30 p.m.

in the UVU Sorensen Center cafeteria 2nd floor to speak Chinese. Some of us grab some food. We try to choose a topic for each time. We have beginners and those more experienced. Let’s get together, meet across levels and have fun! For more information, contact Licia Kim (email see http://www.uvu.edu/chinesestudies/contactus/index.html).