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[30 Nov 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Mike Rigert, program manager, University Marketing & Communications

Since not necessarily everyone at UVU knows what the University Marketing & Communications department (part of the University Relations division) does and what services it offers, we thought we’d tell you more about who we are. … [More]

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[21 Nov 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Detective Kelly Liddiard, UVU Police

With the holidays here, many of you will be traveling home to be with family. Please be cautious, as this is a time of year when there in an increase in highway accidents and fatalities … [More]

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[25 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]

Michael Freeman, UVU Library Director

The UVU Archives is ramping up its responsibilities to be the central repository to gather and preserve the University’s history. We need to develop a campus culture of sending historical documents and materials to the archives so that we can retain our history in one central place … [More]

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[22 Aug 2011 | No Comment | ]

Martha Wilson, Program Coordinator of Student Success/Retention

Just Google “college success tips” and you’ll get more than 6 million results for sites that reference tips and resources on how to make the most of college. Based on my own experience as a (former) college student and a UVU staff member, I’m sorting through the pile to give you my top ten recommendations for success at UVU … [More]

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[8 Jun 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

Jared Stein, director, Innovation in Instruction and Technology

As UVU enrollment grows, so does the demand for classroom space. Distance Education is responding to this challenge by providing a variety of 21st-century solutions that maintain high-caliber instruction, including online and broadcast courses. Recently DE has keyed in on an innovative delivery approach known as a “hybrid course” … [More]

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[14 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

William A. Erb, senior director of Student Health Services

Every day thousands of students cross the threshold of UVU classrooms and interact with our amazing faculty. As I talk to faculty about what they see in their students, they say there is a continuum ranging from hope and energy all the way to desperation and chaos. How can we help the latter? … [More]