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Tips to survive the parking lots at UVU

14 June 2011 13 Comments

With tips from Tena Medina, supervisor of UVU Parking Services

Parking at UVU is a hassle with which everybody is familiar. Despite our best efforts, the math simply doesn’t add up when it comes to spaces available for the volume of students that drive in and out of campus every day. So what can you do to ease the burden?

There are a few obvious practices that we often ignore; arriving early and leaving late, for instance. Plan a few chores, like catching up on emails or paying bills online before or after class so that you can avoid parking during peak hours. Don’t be afraid to wear out your shoe leather, either. How often do we spend 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot that will only save a few minutes’ worth of walking time than some of the more distant lots?

Tena Medina, supervisor of UVU Parking Services, has these tips and reminders to offer:

– Parking permits are required to park on campus at all times
– Students, employees and visitors are all required to have a parking permit
– Arrive to campus early
– You can purchase permits at OneStop, online or at the main parking office
– Purchase your permit before the semester begins
– Permits must be displayed properly or you will be cited
– Students and employees are expected to abide by all the parking rules and regulations
– More information can be found on our website uvu.edu/parking, or by calling the main parking office at (801) 863-8188

Furthermore, pay attention to your daily parking habits โ€”ย which lots do you hardly ever consider using, and why? Is there a reasonable substitute lot that you’ve never tried? As you make a conscious effort to make your commute more efficient, you’ll pick up little tricks. For instance, Mike Maughan, the director of University events, suggests using the Orem Center Street exit off I-15 instead of University Parkway. Coming in through Center Street and then on 1200 West or 800 West will save you from the logjam that accumulates on Parkway as well as the main roundabout at the UVU entrance.

What tips and tricks have you learned in your time at UVU? Please share them in the comment section or on Twitter with #uvuparking. (Good fortune follows those who impart parking secrets.)

UVU Parking Services
#uvuparking on Twitter
Val Peterson talks parking at UVU (UVU Blog)

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  • Merissa Jones said:

    I feel that handicapped parking at UVU is a joke. The reason I feel this way is because I was deemed permentally handicapped after my surgery 2 years ago. I think that it is a joke that students can get a free permit to part in the free lot and that it cost a lot more for me to park handicap. The thing that un disabled people don’t understand is that it is a lot harder for disabled people to get a job and we have heaping medical bills and I feel UVU is the only place that makes me pay to use my required handicap parking. It’s not like I prefer to park there. I was un aware of the required permit until I got a ticket. I think that you need to advertise that somewhere because like I said this is the only place since I have been deemed handicapped that makes me pay to park. STUPID!!!! Also, I think that there needs to be some kind of parking garage by the education building. The high school students take up the majority of that lot and I know numerous people that park by the library or further to come to classes at the education building.

  • Marilee said:

    During Fall and Spring semesters I normally plan to get to the school an hour before my class is scheduled to begin just so I can find a parking spot. If it doesn’t take that long to find a spot, I still have time to prepare for class and catch up on some studying. The best way to find a spot, I’ve found, is to wait in a row of parking stalls for someone to leave. Driving in circles often only leads to missed spots. If you watch people leaving the school and dangling keys in their hand, don’t be rude and follow them around with your car, just keep an eye on them. If you come out of class and you see someone waiting for a stall, wave and point them in the direction of your car. Parking can be frustrating and aggravating. Just use common courtesy and plan ahead and it might take some of that stress out of your day.

  • Jacob said:

    I agree with the comment made by Merissa. I used to be a public safety officer at a college in California where we enforced parking through citations. Those parking with a handicap placard could park in handicap parking spots or any other available parking spots without a permit, probably not the case in Utah. Something that does apply to UVU is the Disability Act. {er the disability act accessibility guidelines, there are supposed to be a certain number of handicap parking spots per total number of parking spots. E.g., If a lot has 200 parking spots there should be 6 handicap parking spots if I remember correctly. One of those 6 handicap spots I believe is supposed to have a handicap loading zone to accommodate those in wheel chairs.

    Even if the law allows UVU to cite people with handicap placards for not having a permit, this is just plain wrong in my opinion. A state university should strive to make their campus as ‘disability friendly’ as possible, and citing someone with a placard for not having a permit is really working against those with disabilities and the disability friendly image the university should be trying to maintain.

  • Money Chameleon said:

    Early bird catchesthe worm, but a few days of the week I have later classes. Bummer every time I cone, takes me like 20min to find a spot!

    Next semester, all early classes!

  • Jeff said:

    It’s good advice to get there early. I know I leave well in advance of normal times just to get a parking spot some days. I have never been one to run up and down the lanes to search for a spot. Just pick the first spot you see and get it.

    The best bet is to pick a lot further away and most of the time you will find a spot faster rather than look for one closer to campus.

  • Lyndsie said:

    I have to admit, I really do like my bus pass. Utah public transit is very nice. Also, I really do feel sorry for people who have to drive and have to spend a really long time trying to find a place to park.

  • Gokkasten said:

    Same as Money, it also takes me like 20min to find a spot!
    Walking is faster. but hen I’m carrying too much weiggt.

    Next semester, all early classes too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clifton said:

    How about offering much more convenient parking for graduate students, similar to other universities in the area?

  • Steve said:

    Are there any cameras in the parking lots? My car has been whacked by a few doors and I’m getting really sick of it. I make an effort to be in the middle of the parking stall and I’m tired of my car getting trashed.

  • UVU Blog (author) said:

    Thanks for the question, Steve. I’m asking around for you. I’ll get back to you.

  • Lorna said:

    With only a few master’s programs at UVU, I don’t think grad students are a big issue. Parking at BYU is also, sadly, worse.

    Those with a handicapped permit can park anywhere but emergency stalls (such as for police). Those without school handicapped permits can go to parking services for a free day pass, but I agree this should not be required. My understanding is that handicapped school permits allow you to park in any pay lot for free.

    I highly doubt there are cameras in our lots, except perhaps in areas where theft or vandalism has been prevalent. Cameras only appear to be installed after things, such as the theft of computers in the labs, have occurred.

    An hour before some classes (such as 10 AM MWF) is often still not enough time to find anything but one of the last few in the farthest lots, especially during any day the Event Center holds anything, but an hour and ten minutes will often make the difference.

    My hope is for tiered parking to be built where the newest lot sits, but money for such amenities is lacking in state funds.

    My biggest gripe is making the off ramp of I-15, when coming from Provo, such that getting over across the lanes to get to the main entrance is impossible. This combines with an exit currently out of service when heading home, so I am forced to only take back roads (which are, of course, also under construction). Direct routes to and from school have become an impossibility.

  • Ike said:

    I have never had a problem finding parking at UVU. Not once in 3 years. If the lots close to the buildings are full, park in the economy lot, which I have only seen full one time, and that was during graduation. Walk or take the shuttle. I’m especially sick of people stalking me to my car; I’ll often try to lose them – yes, I’m that jerk. If you have 10-20 minutes to drive around stalking people, you have 10-20 minutes to walk from the economy lot.

  • Bill Me said:

    I never have any problems when I’m on my motorcycle! ๐Ÿ™‚ Two wheels just seem to fit easier than four…

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