Orientation Update


As we prepare for another busy Jumpstart season, our office is trying a new process: assigning a Jumpstart date (instead of allowing students to pick their own date).

Here is what we hope to accomplish:

  1. Even out Jumpstart attendance.
    Students who are fully admitted now, should be attending the June sessions, instead of putting Jumpstart off until July or August, when we need the space for those who are applying later in the cycle.
  2. Provide the optimal Jumpstart experience.
    Students get the most out of Jumpstart when the student/orientation leader ratio does not exceed 20 to 1. Conversely, groups that are too small can feel awkward. We are trying to hit the “sweet spot” of 12-15 students per orientation leader.

Students who cannot attend their assigned date are able to request another date—we’ve had many students already navigate this process successfully and select an alternate date.

We are monitoring this process closely to make sure that we do not slow students down as they navigate their orientation requirement. There is also a possibility that (after July 1st) we will revert to the process of allowing students to pick their own date. We will keep you in the loop as to any additional updates to the process. If at any time you have questions about the Jumpstart process, you can go to uvu.edu/orientation/jumpstart for the most up-to-date information.


Also, here is a reminder on what the orientation process looks like for our new students, depending on their applicant type and age:

  1. New students 22 years of age and OLDER (including first-time freshmen):
    Required to complete online orientation only. Once they complete online orientation, their hold is automatically and immediately released and they receive immediate email notification that their orientation hold has been removed.
  1. Transfer students, 21 years of age and YOUNGER, transferring 15 CREDITS or MORE:
    Required to complete online orientation only. However, their hold removal is not automated, due to the varying factors associated with confirming their transfer credit. As is happening currently, their hold will be removed within one business day of completing online orientation (usually MUCH more quickly).
  1. New Freshmen, 21 years of age and YOUNGER, transferring 14 CREDITS or LESS:
    Required to complete online orientation, and attend the Jumpstart campus orientation. As is happening currently, once students complete online orientation and sign-up for Jumpstart, their hold is deferred until their Jumpstart date, and removed the date they attend Jumpstart.
    Please note that UVU high school concurrent enrollment students attending UVU’s campus for the first time beyond high school are considered as new freshmen and are required to attend Jumpstart (unless they are 22 years of age or older).

As an update, the automated hold removal process has been in place for about 2 months and is working very well! It has greatly reduced our orientation office call volume and enhanced our older student’s satisfaction with the orientation process.

As always, our team is here to answer any questions that you or students may have. Please contact us whenever we can offer any assistance!

UVU Orientation

LC 405q

orientation@uvu.edu / 801-863-5491

Trainings This Week

Hello Advisors,

We have some great trainings this week:

Today, February 28th 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Title: Career Advising…Type Verified…So Now What? (1 AEU)
Clint Moser, Advising Technology Coordinator

Description: This workshop is designed to provide training in career advising with a focus on skills and strategies that may be used to assist students through the career advising process. Training Outcomes include:

Develop a better understanding of the Career Decision making process.

Understand how to use the MBTI personality types to assist students in career decision making.

Assist students in developing effective career and educational plans that consider a student’s personal challenges, strengths, and goals.

Thursday, March 2nd 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Title: ADHD and Self-Determination: Enhancing ADHD Techniques Optimizes Individual Success in Higher Education (1 AEU)
Carolyn Johnson, Assistant Director of Accessibility Services
: Students with ADHD adjusting to higher education are presented with new challenges in approaching their education. Focusing on techniques that have worked for others and changing the focus on studying mindset is not always an easy task but a skill that is worth exploring and personalizing for each individual. Find out some self-management skills that promote student success through positive approaches which include mindfulness, mini check points, and brainstorming creative tools for success.

Hope you can join us!


Melanee Wilson

Advisor Training and Development Coordinator |  Utah Valley University

Losee Center, Suite 403 H  |  800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058

Office  801-863-7184  |  Email  melanee.wilson@uvu.edu

Study Abroad: Still Accepting Applications, Registration, and Tuition

Hello Advisors!

Thank you for your help in promoting study abroad! Just a couple things as we get closer to sending out our students:

  • There are TWO programs still accepting applicants! Cuba: History, Peace & Justice and Italy: Geology & Biology. Application deadlines have been extended to March 1st, but both program directors have indicated that they will accept late applications.
  • Registration: Students who participate in study abroad have to register for specific study abroad sections. These sections aren’t usually created until mid to late February. Students will be contacted by IMS with CRN numbers, course names, and course sections once these are available for registration.
  • Tuition: Study abroad tuition is different from the usual summer tuition amount, and is off-budget. This means that it is not included in the tuition tier, as outlined by the university. The cost of study abroad credits is $160/credit hour.

Please contact me with any questions! Thank you for all that you do!


Kelsey Mariner

Coordinator, Intercultural Academic Programs

The Office of International and Multicultural Studies

Utah Valley University

Trainings this week

Hello Advisors,

We have some more training opportunities this week:

Today, Tuesday, February 21st 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Title: Perspectives on the Future of Academic Advising (1 AEU)

Presenter: Wade Oliver, Director of the Office of University Advising

Description: Questions, visions, and predictions about the future of Academic Advising have increasingly surfaced in advising literature over the years as the function and role of advisors has been considered and debated nationally, and within individual institutions. This session will bring together several different views from the past few years regarding the future of academic advising as a profession, and the role and purpose of advising for students and institutions. The session will also include an overview of the current movement among higher education institutions to recognize the impactful role advisors can play to improve student academic planning and graduation through the use of data analytics and proactive outreach. Content for this session will be drawn from chapters published by NACADA as well as some recent articles and reports regarding the role and impact of advisors. All of this information will be provided to participants prior to the session.

Wednesday, February 22nd 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Title: Presentation Pitch Workshop (1 AEU)
Melanee Wilson, Advisor Training and Development Coordinator
This workshop will facilitate a conversation—so we would love to have many advisors come to share their experience and knowledge. We want advisors to bring ideas they have had for a presentation but have not had a chance to fully explore. Come discuss your idea and get feedback from your peers about the topic you are interested in—maybe you will even find someone that shares your passion that you can collaborate with! Depending on time we may also discuss common challenges in advising and tips for success and sometimes survival.

Thursday, February 23rd 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Title: Working with Veterans (1 AEU)
CW2 Sheldon Holgreen, Director of the Veteran Center and Veteran Certifying Official
: UVU is dedicated to serving Veteran students and helping them navigate some of the challenges they face in this new environment. This presentation will discuss some of the unique aspects to consider when working with Veterans and will help advisors better understand needs of Veteran students.

If you have any questions on this, please let me know.


Melanee Wilson

Advisor Training and Development Coordinator |  Utah Valley University

Losee Center, Suite 403 H  |  800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058

Office  801-863-7184  |  Email  melanee.wilson@uvu.edu

The Graduation Application 1st Deadline for Spring 2017 Semester has passed. You can now run the Alpha-Major List in Crystal Reports to see which of your students applied for graduation. We are still approving our late graduate applicants.

Note: Students may still apply for Spring 2017 graduation through February 28, 2017 with a $25 late fee. View our web site for additional deadlines and information: www.uvu.edu/graduation/students/apply.html.


UVU Graduation Office



English Placement Expiration

The English Department Writing Program Administrators have agreed to extend the expiration date on ACT and Accuplacer testing to five years from the current three year expiration.

The Department of Literacies & Composition (formerly Basic Composition) currently accepts ACT or Accuplacer placement scores.  We also accept and interpret Compass Placement Test scores from out-of-area students.  Students who test into ENGH 050 should meet with an advisor in the Academic Counseling Center (ACC) for appropriate placement.  Most but not all of these students will be waived into ENGH 0890.  Students with scores very close to those required for ENGH 1000 should meet with an advisor in the ACC for more information about options for challenging their placement and/or receiving a waiver.  Based on departmental data collected over a period of three years, the department finds little evidence that students with expired placement scores are disadvantaged in Literacies & Composition courses.  If students you are working with have expired placement scores, please refer them to the the ACC.  Most of these students will be waived into the course into which they originally placed.  All waivers described above must be approved by the Literacies & Composition department chair.

I want to thank Deborah Marrott and Grant Moss for their effort is making these adjustments.

Tiffany M. Evans

Director of Program Completion

Utah Valley University Academic Affairs

Browning Adminstration 216

800 W. University Pkwy, MS 194

Orem, UT 84058-5999

0: 801-863-5453

C: 435-760-1110

State Authorization and SARA update

Dear Advisors,

I am very excited to announce that UVU is now an approved SARA institution. There are only three states left that have not joined the Reciprocity agreement yet. This means that UVU is authorized to offer online education in all states and a few territories with some restrictions on internships and practicums. The interactive map is completely updated now and ready for student/Advisor use.  http://www.uvu.edu/otl/state-authorization.html

Thank you so much for your diligence in showing students this map following my presentation at Advisors Forum last year.  You are key in getting this type of information to students.

Please continue to show this map to students, especially in those programs that include internships, practicums, clinicals or other field experiences that also lead to Professional Licensure. There may be a need to contact the licensing board of that state to receive full authorization for the internship, practicum, clinical or field experience.

My next focus will be to compile a list of UVU programs that lead to Professional Licensure with links to the licensing information for each of the respective academic departments.  A requirement of SARA compliance is to provide notifications about licensing requirements to students planning to complete a program leading to Professional Licensure in a state other than Utah.

Please contact me with any questions regarding State Authorization or Professional Licensure notification requirements.

Thank you!


Karen Merrick
Director, Teaching & Learning Support
Office of Teaching and Learning
Utah Valley University

Office: Library, LI 508
+1 (801) 863-7163