UAA Conference Proposal Deadline Extended!

In order to accommodate advisors that are just coming off a VERY BUSY time of year, the UAA conference proposal deadline has been extended by a few days!

Proposals are now due by Friday, February 3rd at 4pmSubmit your proposal now!

Thank you to those who have already submitted a proposal, we hope to see many of our UVU colleagues presenting at the UAA conference this year!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Wendy Farnsworth, who is serving as the UVU institutional representative on the UAA committee.



Advising Community,

We wanted to thank you for your support during the transition to ALEKS for math placement. As indicated in the video linked below it is advisors that students lean on for support and at times a shoulder to cry on. Please let any us of know if you have further questions or concerns. We will continue to keep you up to date on information on ALEKS. Thanks again for everything you do to promote student success.

Warmest regards,

Tiffany Evans, Carolyn Humiliation, Andrew Stone, Colleen Sorensen, Shauna Reher

Updated video:

Conferences and Presentation Information

Hello Advisors,

I hope the beginning of the spring semester has been good for you!

I wanted to reach out to you all and offer an invitation and aid. There are several upcoming conferences that would be great to attend and present. Presenting at conferences is a unique opportunity—I’ve found that I have been able to sharpen my advising skills and I have really enjoyed the connections I made with people on and off campus through presenting. Depending how soon you want to start, there are opportunities available and lots of ways to get started.

I wanted to offer my help to you:

  • If you want someone to be sounding board so you can pitch an idea and help formulate a plan and research possibilities
  • I can help you connect with other people that may be interested in a similar subject and you can team up to work on a presentation
  • Similarly, if you do not want to present but would love to help do background work/research I would be happy to help you find someone to match up with
  • Consider me a research assistant—if you have an idea but are strapped on time, I can do some preliminary research for you to get started
  • If you are not sure what you want to do but like the idea of being involved in some way, let me know, too. We can talk about your interests and brainstorm things that may be a good fit

Some events coming up:

  • Utah Advising Association (UAA) Conference: May 24-25 in Logan, UT—Proposals will be due this Friday, February 3rd  (deadline extended)
  • NACADA  Region 10 Conference: March 20-22 in Phoenix, AZ—it is too late to submit a proposal but you can still attend
  • NACADA Annual Conference: October 11 to 14 in St. Louis, MO—Proposals are due February 23, 2017
  • NACADA Region 10 and UAA Conference (combined): Spring 2018 in Utah—Okay, this one is a year out, but that is why this email is being sent so you can start to prep for it

We would also love for you to present your ideas at a semester training. Semester trainings are a great step to get your ideas out (with friendly people!) and then make changes and adjustments to get you ready for the professional conferences. We will need trainings for the summer, fall, and next spring and we would love to fill the sessions with your presentations.

As one of our trainings this semester we will be offering an Idea Pitch Workshop on February 22nd from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Feel free to come and flesh out ideas with other advisors (and/or come and offer ideas and suggestions).

I mainly wanted to get this information out to you early so you can start to think about it and ways you may want to be involved.

Thanks for your consideration and please let me know how I can help.



Melanee Wilson

Advisor Training and Development Coordinator |  Utah Valley University

Losee Center, Suite 403 H  |  800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058

Office  801-863-7184  |  Email

Still Time to Apply for Study Abroad

Hello Advisors!

There is still time for your students to apply for study abroad for summer 2017. UVU study abroad programs are all ‘faculty led’, which means they register for UVU courses (through myUVU) and travel with UVU faculty and students.

Many of our programs can fulfill needs for generals, major specific courses, or complete elective requirements. Applications are due on January 31st, 2017. I’ve highlighted just a few of our programs (and hyperlinked to their informational page on our website):

Italy: Geology and Biology – Two weeks in northern Italy.

Cuba: History, Peace & Justice – One month in Havana (we are one of the few schools with long-standing, successful programs in Cuba!)

Germany: German Language & Culture – One month in Berlin.

London & Barcelona: Literature – 5 weeks in Europe. This program will dive into the influences of English and Spanish literature (one of our few programs that are going to 2 countries).

Guatemala: Dental Hygiene – 9 days in Guatemala. Students do NOT have to be Dental Hygiene students! There is an aspect of the project that emphasizes community education.

The full list of programs can be found on our website HERE. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Kelsey Mariner

Coordinator, Intercultural Academic Programs

The Office of International and Multicultural Studies

Utah Valley University

Unique Situation Re: Cross-Listed ANTH 1020/BIOL 1500 & BIOL 1200/GEO 1020 Courses

The following email is from the Wolverine Track Team:

Cross-Listed courses mean two courses are essentially the same, but usually have different prefixes (e.g., BESC/PSY or MGMT/COMM).

ANTH 1020/BIOL 1500, and BIOL 1200/GEO 1020 are unique versions of a cross-listed course, because they contain different attributes than their cross-listed counterpart. ANTH 1020 has the SS attribute while BIOL 1500 has the BB attribute. BIOL 1200 has the BB attribute and GEO 1020 has the PP attribute. The SS attribute will fulfill the ‘Social Science Distribution, the BB attribute will fulfill the ‘Biology Distribution’, and the PP attribute will fulfill the ‘Physical Science Distribution’ in the GE area of most degree programs.

If students take one of these courses, they receive either one attribute or the other, depending on which prefix/number they registered for. They do not ever receive both the BB and PP attributes for one course.


Students need to be careful that they sign up for the one with the attribute that they need, and not simply assume that it will count wherever it is needed, (because it won’t necessarily).

If a student registered for ANTH 1020 but needs BIOL 1500 or vice versa (or, BIOL 1200 but needs GEO 1020), they should contact the registrar’s office while they are still enrolled in the course, before it has been graded. If, in the rare instance a student did not have this changed by the time the course is graded to show the correct course, here is the information from LuAnn Smith regarding course of action:

*LuAnn can make an academic history change, but it may only be performed within two years of taking the course.

*The Academic Advisor must email a request to LuAnn Smith with the student’s name and UVID, including the course information of the course he/she received credit for and the course it should be changed to.

These changes are not taken lightly, and are not common, but this is good information to know when necessary.

Standing Holds Run

Hello from Academic Standards

As you have probably noticed, holds have been placed for fall 2016 standings.  (Probation, Continued Probation, Suspension, Dismissal). E-mails have been sent to these student letting them know.  Links to the workshop were included in the e-mails.  I will run “warning holds” as soon as all drop and add deadlines have passed.  Thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate the work you do with your probation students.

Remember “continued probation” and “suspension” and “dismissal” must in addition come to our office to remove holds.  It is very important we see them as we must make sure they understand the consequences if they fail again.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE HOLDS.

I believe that everyone has the power to succeed.  Success may look different for each student but we have the ability, in our jobs as advisors, to help the student see their potential.  Please encourage your struggling students to “not give up” and look for applicable resources to help them.

Thank you so much!

Jan Klingman

Academic Standards Director

Utah Valley University