Hi All!

The deadline for Fall 2016 graduation was October 7, 2016, and the final application deadline was October 31st with a late fee. We do not accept applications for Fall 2016 after that late application period.

We have had an increase in students asking if they can apply after the deadline, so we just want to send a reminder. The application deadlines do not change from year to year.

Semester Application Opens Deadline Final Deadline (with late fee)
Spring Semester First Saturday in October First Friday in February Last day of February
Summer Semester First Saturday in February First Friday in June Last day of June
Fall Semester First Saturday in June First Friday in October Last day of October

Thank you for all you do to help convey this information to students.


Graduation Office


BA 114

Sub 4 Santa!

Good Morning Advisement Forum,

Just a reminder that we are collecting money for our annual Sub 4 Santa!  I am more than happy to drop by to pick up donations – just send me an email or call (AndreaC@uvu.edu, x6556).

So far we have received $298 in donations.  We would like to receive your donations by Monday, November 28, so that we can accurately plan how many children we can help.  Families who need help will be assigned to sponsors by November 30.   Shopping will take place during the week of the December Advisement Forum, and the gifts will be displayed at the Forum.

Thank you for your generous support! ☺

Andrea Calaway

Administrative Support

Office of University Advising



Sub 4 Santa

Upcoming Advisement Forum Meetings (November meeting canceled tomorrow)

Advisement Forum,

Due to canceled agenda items the Advisement Council has decided not to have an Advisement Forum meeting in November.  Therefore tomorrow’s meeting has been canceled.  Please see the information below about the December and January meetings and block them out on your calendars.


The December meeting will be held on December 8th at 9:00 a.m. in Centre Stage and will include the following three important agenda items:

  • ALEKS Program Implementation
  • Financial Aid Update
  • Banner 9 Release

In addition there will be a holiday celebration with plenty of food (both healthy and not), and a performance provided by the Diamond Fork Jr. High Concert Choir.


The January meeting will be held on January 19th at 9:00 a.m. in Centre Stage.  In addition to any typical agenda items, a special meeting with departmental academic advisors will be held to introduce the student success platform software and provide an update on the new advising changes and future directions.

Thanks everyone for all of your hard work for students this Fall and watch your email for a special invitation to our December meeting on the 8th!

Andrea Calaway

Administrative Support

Office of University Advising


November 2016 Advisement Forum Newsletter



Hi All,

Thank you for the reports regarding the challenges with the Advisor Dashboard and other areas of Banner.  I have been in touch with IT and it appears that there is a glitch of some kind in the overall network and IT is working hard to narrow it down and fix the problem.  I will continue to check in with them throughout the day and provide updates as they come in.

If you are able to note specific issues and behaviors of the dashboard (beyond only system slowness) that you feel could help IT, please send them to me in an email.  It would be appreciated and helpful, and I will get them to the right folks.  Thanks much,



Wade Oliver |  Director, University Advising  |  Utah Valley University

wade.oliver@uvu.edu  |  (801) 863-8480

Behavioral Science

The Behavioral Science Department has recently made some changes in Advising.  The advisors are no longer advising by last name but rather by concentration.  Please note the following changes:


Cindy Lau – Last names beginning A – J

April Kirk – Last names beginning K – Z

Family Studies

Lori Duke

Lori will also continue to take care of the BESC 3010 overrides for non-majors

Anthropology, Sociology, BSW, Autism, SUDC and AA/AS

Kaye Fugal

Please contact Lori Duke (6718) if you have any questions.


Cindy Lau, April Kirk, Kaye Fugal, and Lori Duke

Fall 2016 Graduation Application Review Complete

The Graduation Office has reviewed all Fall 2016 Graduation Applications. You can now run the Alpha-Major List in Crystal Reports to see which of your students applied for graduation.

Note: Students may apply for Spring 2017 graduation by February 3, 2017 or by February 28, 2017 with a $25 late fee. Please note if the student wishes to be a SUMMER EXCEPTION TO COMMENCEMENT and participate in the Spring Ceremonies, they need to apply for SUMMER graduation between February 3rd and March 3rd. There will be a page in the Online Graduation Application to indicate their desire to walk as an Exception. View our web site for additional deadlines and information: www.uvu.edu/graduation/students/apply.html.


UVU Graduation Office