Math & English Placement Expiration


After conversations with the math and English departments and in an effort to help students prepare to take math and English classes, a group from across campus has been working together to create a communication to send out to students (admitted but not registered in the last two years, registered for classes within the last two years, and currently enrolled) whose math or English placement (test and/or course) will expire at the end of Spring 2017.  The email will encourage them to take their appropriate math or English course this spring to avoid the possibility of placement expiration which would require them to retake a placement test.  The student is encouraged to contact their advisor if they have questions.

We hope this email will remind students to take the appropriate course before their placement expires.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for all you do to help students!

Andrew Stone, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President-

Recruitment & Outreach

Utah Valley University


Banner Registration Upgrade

Summer registration, campaign emails will be sent to students to officially introduce the new registration system.  Experience has shown that students greatly prefer the new version over the old and are happy to use it.

A few important things to mention:

  • The company that makes the Schedule Wizard has not yet finalized compatibility with the new registration version.  Students can still use the schedule wizard, but registration will occur in the “old” version for the time being.
  • Eventually, students will have the ability to import a Wolverine Track plan into this new registration system.  This feature is very cool but also very new and may still need some tweaking.  A tutorial on this will be created at a later date.
  • The entire banner interface, not just student registration, is being upgraded in modules and these upgrades will occur over the coming months and years.  This upgrade affects all Banner schools, not just UVU.  Others in the state are already using the new registration system and are also upgrading other modules over time.
  • OneStop and the IT Service Desk have been trained on this new system and can help students with issues they encounter.  Please feel free to refer students to them for assistance.

As with all new software, there will inevitably be things that either don’t function as expected, despite rigorous testing, or that may be confusing.  The new Banner registration is much more intuitive than the current system, but if something seems wrong or you experience errors, please let me know by sending an email with screenshots.

Thanks for all you do.  As additional resources and information about the new system become available, we will send it your way.  I will also be doing a brief demo with Q and A at the next advising forum.

Eric Humphrey

Registration and Planning Banner Registration Facelift



Eric Humphrey  |  Sr. Registrar  |  Utah Valley University  |  (801) 863-8348

ACS System Hiccup

Hi All,

A number of advisors got an automated email today from the ACS system saying that their certification status is no longer valid.  If you were one of these, please disregard that email.  It is a glitch in the system that caused that to happen and hopefully we have it sorted out.

The ACS system is actually written in a programming language that is apparently no longer supported by our IT folks.  We are on the project list to have a new one developed, but until then we are having to use a combo of the current system and manual tracking.  Thanks for your patience as we try to keep things rolling.


Wade Oliver |  Director, University Advising  |  Utah Valley University  |  (801) 863-8480

*This email was sent to only departmental academic advisors

New Coordinator of Advisor Training and Development

I am pleased to announce the addition of Melanee Wilson to the Office of University Advising team as the Coordinator of Advisor Training and Development.

Melanee comes to UVU from Southern Utah University where she was highly respected and recognized for her innovation during her years working as an Academic Advisor, Advisor Supervisor, and as a leader in the SUU Staff Association.  Melanee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University, a Master of Public Administration degree  from Southern Utah University, and is active in advising professional associations.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Melanee to our advisement community.  Her first day is Wednesday, October 26th.


  1. Wade Oliver |  Director, University Advising  |  Utah Valley University  |  (801) 863-8480


Fall 2016 Late Graduation Application Deadline

The Graduation Application 1st Deadline for Fall 2016 Semester has passed. You can now run the Alpha-Major List in Crystal Reports to see which of your students applied for graduation. We are still approving our late graduate applicants.

Note: Students may still apply for Fall 2016 graduation through October 31, 2016 with a $25 late fee. View our web site for additional deadlines and information:


UVU Graduation Office


Online Orientation Server Update


Last Wednesday, our online orientation provider updated our hosting platform. In the long term, this update will provide enhanced reporting features for our office. In the short term, it has created some glitches for students attempting to complete online orientation right now.

We are working with our vendor to address these issues as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if you have a student who is experiencing difficulty accessing/completing online orientation, please have them contact our office and we will provide prompt assistance!


Martha Wilson

Assistant Director, First-Year Experience and Orientation

First-Year Experience and Student Retention


801.863.5491 | |


Now Hiring Orientation Leaders


We’re looking for outstanding students to join our 2017 Jumpstart Orientation Leader team. Can you help?

Jumpstart Orientation Leaders are part-time, hourly student employees.

Our criteria:

  • Team player who works well with others
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Possesses, and able to convey, a sense of school spirit
  • Positive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Current UVU student in good standing with 15 or more completed credits (at the time of application)

Please encourage any students you believe might be a match for our program to apply at The posting closes on October 24th.

Thank you for your help!


Martha Wilson

Assistant Director, First-Year Experience and Orientation

First-Year Experience and Student Retention


801.863.5190 | |