Academic Advisors:

Do you have students who need/want to fulfill their ENGH0890 or ENGH1000 requirements this summer?

Incoming Freshman who want to take a course but need some flexibility for the summer?

Is your student working a summer job but wants to take a course? Is your student worried about finding a “quality” instructor?

Well, look no further! We have two perfect courses, which still have SEATS AVAILABLE:

ENGH1000-601 is available as an evening seven-week, face-to-face course in Block A/First Session. (May 9 – June 24)


M & W 6:00PM-8:45PM

Taught by Professor Melinda Bender https://www.uvu.edu/profpages/profiles/show/user_id/381

This section is ideal for students who want to work summer jobs but who need ENGH1000 completed before Fall or Sum. Section B.

ENGH0890-X01/51 is available as a 14-Week Online course (May 9 – August 12)

CRN#13538 (Use CRN#14133 for Aviation Students)


Taught by Professor Tom Henry https://www.uvu.edu/profpages/profiles/show/user_id/2013

This section is ideal for students who need ENGH0890, but who prefer a slower pace than an intensive summer course in English.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Warmest wishes.


UVU Advisement Conference Registration

Good Morning!

Registration is now open for the 2016 UVU Advisement Conference at the Wasatch Campus on Friday, June 3th.  A continental breakfast will be available, and the lunch, which is being catered by Kneaders, should be great.  We’re excited to have Casey Self, Executive Director of Academic Advising at Arizona State University and former NACADA National Conference keynote, as our keynote speaker for the conference. As a reminder, there is not cost of attendance for the UVU Advisement Conference.

As part of this conference, we will be giving each attendee a conference shirt.  To get the appropriate size of shirt for everyone, we would ask that you register by Wednesday, May 4th. Additionally, we would ask that you make sure to register as soon as possible if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies so we can make sure that we can accommodate those needs. You may continue to register after May 4th, but may not be guaranteed a specific shirt size.

To register for the conference click to the online registration page at: http://uvu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_8curxPaK4W8MfqJ.

I look forward to being together in Heber!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

2016 UVU Advisement Logo

Correction: New Course for Summer

Advisement Forum,

On Wednesday an e-mail was sent out regarding the AVSC 276R Section X01 Physics for Aviators online course. In that e-mail it was stated that this course could count for the Physical Science Distribution requirement, however that is not the case. While AVSC 276R may be an excellent class option for some students, it will not fulfill the Physical Science or Third Science Distribution General Education requirement.

Sorry for the incorrect information regarding this course.



Tom Liljegren, M.S., Ed.S.

Advisement Training Coordinator

Office of University Advising

Utah Valley University

(801) 863-7184

LC 403H

Advisement Forum,

We want to remind you all that you are invited to submit a presentation proposal for the UVU Advisement Conference on June 3rd. We are requesting two different types of proposals: 1) presentations about best practices in advising and promoting student success, and 2) personal/professional development. E-mail completed proposals to Andrea Calaway at andreac@uvu.edu.

Proposals are due Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.  Please consider sharing your expertise with your colleagues!  For further details, see the attached document.

Thank you!



Tom Liljegren, M.S., Ed.S.

Advisement Training Coordinator

Office of University Advising

Utah Valley University

(801) 863-7184

LC 403H


Slideshow for Advising Conference

Dear UVU Advisor,

We hope you have saved the date for our upcoming UVU Advisor Conference on Jun 3 at the Wasatch Campus in Heber.  The conference will have much to offer, and we believe it will be an enjoyable and worthwhile day for you.  Our theme for the conference is “75 Years Strong: Celebration of Success”.  As part of that celebration we would like to recognize each one of our advisement forum members for the valuable contribution you make to our UVU community.  We need your help for this.  Will you please do the following two things:

  1. Follow this link to a very short questionnaire and tell us a little about yourself.  Be prepared to share a few brief words of wisdom related to advising, UVU, or life in general.


  1. Email me a photo of yourself.  This is very important.  If you do not send a photo, you are at risk of being represented by a candid shot taken under the harsh florescent lights of your office, a pirated photo stolen from your social media account (possibly from your high school days or worse), or a Homer/Marge Simpson avatar.

Please complete these items at your earliest convenience.  I will begin making the rounds on April 20th with my 2 megapixel phone camera if I haven’t received a photo by then.  Thank you in advance for your help with this and feel free to contact me with any questions/comments.

Kim Sparks

Academic Advisor

Emergency Services



Fall math combo courses

Please see the following email from Sharon Larson.

Please distribute the following information to the advisors, to let them know about the combo courses for Fall 2016.

ALL students who wish to take one of the combinations must contact either Monica or me.

Thank you!

8:00-9:50 am, Sandra Garcia-Sanchez

CRN#    10470 MAT      1010-016

CRN#    23958 MATH   1050-002

9:00-10:50 am, Laurel Howard

CRN#    19522    MAT      1010-021

CRN#    21983    MATH   1050-005

10:00-11:50 am, Rachel Marcial

CRN#    19609    MAT      1010-032

CRN#    27657    MATH   1050-02

11:00 am -12:50 pm, Lindsey Gerber

CRN#      26328    MAT        1010-041

CRN#      26333    MATH     1050-013

12:00-1:50 pm, Max Aeschbacher

CRN#    10435    MAT      1010-044

CRN#    10024    MATH   1050-015

1:00-2:50 pm, Ellen Backus

CRN#    27124    MAT      1010-051

CRN#    26342    MATH   1050-026


Sharon Larson

Advisor, Developmental Math

LA 221a




Nominations for Advisement Awards – Deadline Extended!

Due to this busy time of year, the deadline for nomination forms for Advisement Awards has been extended to Friday, April 22, 2016.

2016 UVU Advisement Awards

Please nominate your colleagues for their outstanding service.    The UVU Advisement Awards are designed to honor individuals making significant contributions to advisement within their positions at UVU.   Awards are available in four categories:  Academic Advisor, Support Advisor, Specialty Advisor, and Advising Administrator.  Winners will be announced at the June 3rd conference.  In addition to a plaque, award winners will each receive $500!

Please submit nominations using the online forms located at this web address: http://www.uvu.edu/advising/advisorawards.html where you can also find further information about the process.

Nomination forms are due by Friday, April 22, 2016.  Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposals and nominate your colleagues!   Please contact the Office of University Advising with questions and we will be happy to assist you in any way!

ALEKS Clarification

Dear Advisors,

To provide some clarification regarding the earlier email I forwarded from Carolyn Hamilton, ALEKS is now available for all students to use for course placement but it is not required of all students at this time.  A pilot group of currently enrolled students who have expired math scores, and have not completed the QL requirement, have been selected to use the system at no cost to them.  All other students who would like to take advantage of ALEKS will be required to pay $15.  When students login as outlined in the previous email, those who are in the pilot group will not be prompted to pay the fee and all others will.  For extra guidance, students may also choose to participate in the Summer Math Leap program or register in MATH 100R which each utilize ALEKS as indicated in the previous email.

The ACT and Accuplacer are still available and utilized for math placement but many students will want to seriously consider using ALEKS for both placement and brushing up to improve their placement.  Please advise them accordingly and guide them toward the link provided earlier as needed.  A comprehensive document regarding ALEKS is being developed but in the interim, more detailed information about ALEKS itself along with a number of preliminary Frequently Asked Questions, is at the bottom of this email.   If you have any specific questions about ALEKS, please contact Tiffany Evans (tiffany.evans@uvu.edu – x5453), who will also be available at next week’s Advisement Forum to answer further questions.



ALEKS for Math Placement Has Arrived!

ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation and Learning) is now available to all UVU students through a link on their My Academics page in the MyUVU Student tab.  See below.

UVU is paying the cost of ALEKS PPL for all students with expired math placement who have not completed their QL requirement.  Other students have the option to pay $15 to access ALEKS PPL.  The same link works for both students — some students will be prompted to enter credit card information while others will not.

After taking an initial diagnostic assessment, students have six months of access to a Prep and Learning module to help improve their placement score.  Official ALEKS placement is available in the UVU Testing Center. Proctored off-site assessment is also available.  Accuplacer is available in the Testing Center, also.

Summer Math Leap is open for registration at https://www.uvu.edu/summer/summerleapregistration.html. This is an intensive, 3-week workshop with faculty support to help students improve their placement in ALEKS PPL.  The cost is $45.  The instructors are Jon Anderson and Carolyn Hamilton.

Students may also register for a 1-credit course MATH 100R Math Leap during the first block of Fall 2016. This course meets for 2 hours each week to help students establish official placement before Spring 2017 registration opens in October.  Instructors are Christine Walker, Scott Lewis, and Violeta Vasilevska.