FYI – Math Refresher Workshops

The Math Refresher Workshops are finally up for registration.  Have your students go to the Math Department web page, , and click on the Math Refresher Workshops link.  I will start putting in overrides as fast as I can.

Just a reminder that we are also running a workshop that will allow students to register for MATH 1030, 1040, or 1050 with an expired MAT 1010 or MAT 1000 grade of C or better.


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FYI – Sub-for-Santa

Hi all,

Advisement Forum will again be participating in the Sub-for-Santa program here on campus.  We will be sponsoring 10 children this year. We will be following the United way guidelines where each child will receive two items of clothing, two toys, and a book. United Way has asked that we spend between $75-100 dollars on each child. If you or your department would like to donate, please bring your donations to either Kim or Shalece in LC 403. We will also be accepting donations during Advisement Forum on Thursday, November 21.  We would like to have all donations received by Monday, December 2.

If you have any questions, please contact me at ext. 7184.



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FYI – Law School Dean’s Night

Next Tuesday, UVU will host law school representatives from 60 schools at the Sixth Annual UVU Fall Dean’s Night.

Date: October 29th
Time: 6-8 PM
Place: UVU Grande Ballroom


6-7 PM Mock Admissions Panel—5 actual applications to law school will be reviewed by 15 law school admissions deans

7-8 PM Law Fair—Students will have the opportunity to talk to the reps from each school, pick up materials, and ask questions

Refreshments will be served.

Please share this information with your students.  Since students from all majors can attend law school, this is an important UVU event for all colleges and departments.

Advisors are welcome too!

For more information contact Eileen Crane x6779

Website List II

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FYI – Trainings This Week

Good Morning!

We have another week of great trainings scheduled! We’re excited for the topics on the roster and hope you take the opportunity to come and be trained! All sessions will take place in LC 306. You can sign up here:

Tuesday 22 October 10am-12pm
Title: Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training  (2 AEUs)
Presenter: JC Graham, UVU Suicide Prevention Specialist
Description: Suicide is an epidemic that unfortunately impacts all of us here at the college. It is a little known fact that in 2003 there were 8 UVSC students who completed suicide. One suicide is one too many. Suicide takes the lives of more than 30,000 Americans every year. Every eighteen minutes another life is lost to suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than all medical illnesses combined. There are an estimated eight to twenty-five attempted suicides for each suicide death. This training will change your life. QPR Suicide Prevention training is a research based suicide prevention model that has saved lives. Please attend the training that will give you tools that you can implement in your professional and personal lives. Suicide is the most preventable form of death.

Wednesday 23 October 10-11am
Title: LinkedIn for Rookies  (1 AEU)
Presenter: Lei Pakalani, Assistant Director of the Career Development Center
Description: Want to ramp up your professional network and skills? LinkedIn is the perfect tool to enable that. Learn how to connect with key stakeholders in industry, to showcase your own professional presence, and to engage in what’s trending as it pertains to your focus, scope of responsibility and career goals.  This workshop helps you do more than just create a profile. Learn how to connect effectively, engage in content, and provide and receive recommendations for your expertise and skills.


Thursday 24 October 3-5pm
Title: Strengths Finder 2.0 Training  (1 AEU)
Faciltator: Jan Klingman, Director of Academic Standards
Description: This session is limited to 10 participants (the first 10 to sign up through the scheduling system), each of will receive a copy of the book Strengths Finder 2.0 at no cost, and be given the opportunity to take the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment.   “Strengths Finder” helps you to answer the questions: “Who am I?”  “How do I best contribute to make this a better world?”  Strengths finder was created as a self-awareness tool to understand strengths (the ability to provide consistent, near perfect performance in a specific activity), talents (naturally reoccurring patterns of thought feeling or behavior that can be productively applied), skill (the capacity to perform the fundamental steps of an activity) and, knowledge (what you know, either factually or through awareness gained by experience).   Learning how to develop and apply strengths will improve your level of achievement. Each of your talents can be applied in many areas including relationships, learning, academics, leadership, service and careers.  Once you have learned the value of knowing your strengths, you can begin to share this valuable tool with the students you advise on a daily basis.  After completing the assessment and reading the book participants will attend a session facilitated by Jan Klingman who will help them understand how to maximize personal effectiveness, identify strengths in others, and achieve success.
**Note: This session is full. However, there are a limited number of seats still available for those who have already taken the Strengths Finder assessment and would like to attend as a refresher. Please email if you are interested.**

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Mat 1010/Math1050 combo class for Spring

We are offering the mat 1010/math 1050 combo course for spring, here is the info on those classes:

MAT 1010/MATH 1050 Combo Courses Spring 2014
(All courses are Monday through Friday)

Laurel Howard
11031 MATH 1050.005    9:00 – 9:50
20197 MAT 1010.017       10:00 – 10:50

Ellen Backus
11021 MATH 1050.010    12:00 – 12:50
16543 MAT 1010.036       1:00 – 1:50

Carolyn Hamilton
17371 MATH 1050.016    1:00 – 1:50
11429 MAT 1010.044       2:00 – 2:50

Have a great day!

Monica Ferreyra
Math/Developmental Math Advisor
LA 220

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FYI – This Week’s Training Schedule

Good Morning!

We have another week of great trainings lined up and wanted to remind you to sign up and attend. You can go here to register:

Tuesday 15 October 10am-12pm
Title: NACADA National Conference Debriefing Discussion  (2 AEUs)
Facilitator: Michelle Kearns, Advisement Council Co-Chair and Assistant Vice President of Student Success and Retention
Description: With a number of UVU advisors attending the annual NACADA National Conference each year, this session is scheduled to allow all of the attendees to gather to debrief the conference sessions they attended.  This year’s conference is being held in Salt Lake City from October 6-9 giving UVU advisors a wonderful opportunity to participate without the costs of travel.  If you attend this year’s conference or just have an interest in what those who did attend have to share, please plan to attend this debriefing meeting.

For more information about the conference go here:

Wednesday 16 October 10-11am
Title: Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds – Common Reading    (1 AEU)
Facilitator: Wade Oliver, Director of Advisor Training and Development
Description: This session is limited to 10 participants (the first 10 to sign up through the scheduling system), each of which will receive a copy of Richard Light’s book, Making the Most of College: Student’s Speak Their Minds at no cost.  Participants are to read the book and then attend this session where they will discuss the findings in the book.  Following is an excerpt from the book’s back cover: “Why do some students in the United States make the most of college, while others struggle and look back on years of missed opportunities? What choices can students make, and what can teachers and university leaders do to improve more students’ experiences and help them make the most of their time and monetary investment?  Two Harvard University Presidents invited Richard Light and his colleagues to explore these questions, resulting in ten years of interviews with 1,600 Harvard students.  Filled with practical advice, illuminated with stories of real students’ self-doubts, failures, discoveries, and hopes, Making the Most of College presents strategies for academic success. “

Thursday 17 October 3-4pm
Title: Advising Students in Live Interactive Classes  (1 AEU)
Presenter: Samuel Cardenas, Evening and Weekend Advisor
Description: This training is for staff and advisors to learn more about the off campus sites and offerings by the Extended Studies department, to discuss the Live Interactive course initiative, and discuss the myths, benefits, and cons that may come with providing live interactive courses. We will present information and research on live interactive courses and provide tools for advisors to help students who may be interested in taking a live interactive class. The goal is to help you answer questions your students may have concerning this method of course delivery.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the trainings. They will all be held in LC 306.

Thanks and have a great day!

Kim Cannon
Advisor Training & Development

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FYI – Math 1050 Block 2!

If your student needs a Quantitative Literacy course to graduate in December, please let him/her know that we have opened a second block math 1050 class for THIS semester (Fall 2013).

Here is the information for that course.






College Algebra QL




01:00 pm-03:20 pm

SA 303

Ioane, Ofa K

Have a great day!

Monica Ferreyra
Math/Developmental Math Advisor
LA 220

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FYI – Fall 2013 Late Graduation Application Deadline

The Graduation Application Deadline for Fall 2013 Semester has passed. You can now run the Alpha-Major List in Crystal Reports to see which of your students applied for graduation.

Note: Students may still apply for Fall 2013 graduation through October 31, 2013 with a late fee. View our web site for additional deadlines and information:

UVU Graduation Office

Grad Deadline Flyer LATE

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FYI – UVU’s 5th Annual International Education Essay Contest

UVU’s 5th Annual International Education Essay Contest

Hello, UVU Advisors!

Advisors are on the front lines with our students. We appreciate all they do to plant the seed of international education, assist students in finding the experience that best suits their needs, help students with fundraising ideas, and make sure the credit students are receiving on study abroad applies toward their academic track.

Each year, through our International Education Essay Contest, International Study Programs provides the winning advisor with an opportunity to travel for one week with one of our Study Abroad programs, all expenses paid. This trip provides the advisor a chance to engage with the students and faculty on a UVU Study Abroad program. After the advisor returns from the trip, he/she can share his/her adventure with students as well as colleagues.

Here is the information for the 5th Annual International Education Essay Contest:

This year’s prompt: “As a student, what would you expect from a study abroad experience? How would you want to meet your purpose and goals?  Which UVU program(s) do you think would meet your expectations and why?”

Due by 5:00 PM on Monday, January 6, 2014

Please submit your essay to Marianna Henry, International Study Programs, at, with the following criteria:

300-500 word limit

Essay Title
Advisor – Department
Office #, Mail Code
Phone #
How long have you been with UVU?

“I give permission to UVU to use this essay, as a whole or in part, for its international education purposes.”

Looking forward to your submissions! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do!

Marianna Henry
Coordinator of International Study Programs
International & Multicultural Studies
UVU Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement
(801) 863.5306 office
(801) 223.9478 fax

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