FYI – Wolverine Track – Advisors experiencing issues when trying to Save/Create/Print plans?

I have had some reports from a couple of advisors that they are having difficulty creating/saving and/or printing plans from the Wolverine Track planner for some students. Are any other advisors experiencing performance issues when trying to create/save and/or print plans from the planner?

If so, please email with the specifics, for example: Which web browser are you using, the UVID(s) of students’ audits for whom this issue is occurring, and anything else you think might help us pinpoint what might be causing this issue and how to fix it.

Your help, as always, is appreciated. Thanks everyone!


Chelsey Darrington

Wolverine Track Program Manager

(801) 863-8417



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FYI – Department Holiday Leave Coverage

Dear Colleagues,

Happy Holidays!   We would like to send out a friendly reminder that the departments across campus will need to provide backup to their advisors if they are out for holiday leave during the next few weeks.   We have had a few students already come in this morning saying their advisors are not in and were looking for advisement from our center.

Unfortunately this only provides frustration on both ends as we have to refer the student back to the department as we are not able to advise students in these situations.  As you can imagine they get frustrated when we tell them we are not able to clear their holds and refer them back to the department for assistance.  As we do not advise any declared major students during the year, we should not be seen as a “backup” role when department advisors are out.

We kindly ask that each department have someone available to assist the students as has been agreed in Advisement Council.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this situation.

Regards and Happy Holidays

The ACC Team.

FYI – Fall 2012 Graduation

We expect to be able to start awarding/posting degrees on January 2, 2013

The attached e-mail was sent to Fall 2012 graduation applicants indicating all coursework and exams should have been completed as of December 13, 2012. We asked applicants to review their Wolverine Track audit and make sure ALL requirements SHOW as complete by January 15, 2013. This includes (but may not be limited to): ANY Missing (‘M’) or Incomplete (‘I’) grades, surveys, grade changes, exceptions/substitutions, challenge/experiential credit, and transfer credit from other institutions.


UVU Graduation Office

FALL 2012 Graduation Information

FYI – Math Advisor Position

We would like to make you aware of an Academic Advisor opening in the Developmental Math Department.

The position opened on December 10th, and applicants will be screened on January 7th, 2013.

Those who wish to apply should have the following qualifications:

Required: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree.
Preference given to candidates with a degree in mathematics or mathematics related field AND two years of full-time paid experience related to the summary of duties. Part-time experience is prorated.

Here is a link to the position’s description:

Monica Ferreyra

Developmental Math Advisor

LA 220



Policy Update – Readmissions Changes

As part of the Deferred Admissions and Leave of Absence process Enrollment Services has changed the number of semesters a student remains eligible to register following their last attendance. Previously the readmission rule was, 3 semesters (1 year) of non-attendance would require the student to readmit to become an eligible student.

Effective immediately we have moved to 7 semesters (just over 2 years) of non-attendance before a student is required to readmit. This means if a student has ATTENDED any semester Fall 2010 or later they are not required to reapply to return and register for classes (provided they have no active holds).

A few exceptions/notes to this are;

  • If a student graduated and has an “Inactive Graduation” status they will not be eligible, but these students can email to be made eligible.
  • If the student was a High School Concurrent Enrollment student during their last semester attended and they have not attended as a “regular” undergraduate student they will not be eligible. No Exceptions will be made to activate these students.
  • If the student was admitted/readmitted but did not attend that semester they will not be eligible. The only exception to this is if they were admitted for Fall 2012, otherwise No Exceptions will be made to activate these students.

If you have any questions please direct them to, we will try to respond as quickly as possible.


Ryan Burton

Director of Admissions

Utah Valley University


FYI – NEW Study Abroad Facebook Page!

Hello, UVU Advisors!

Our office would like to let you know about our Study Abroad Facebook page:

With the page, we’ll be keeping students updated about our programs as we recruit and plan throughout the year, and while students are abroad. When meeting with students interested in Study Abroad, please ask them to “Like” the page! With your help, we can use Facebook as a tool in raising awareness for Study Abroad at UVU. We’re also using Twitter and Instagram to keep everyone updated: @uvustudyabroad. You’re welcome to share that with your students too! (And, if you’d like to be in the loop, please follow us as well!)

Thanks so much for your support!


Marianna Henry

Coordinator of International Study Programs

UVU International Center

(801) 863.5306 office

(801) 223.9478 fax

FYI- UPDATE: CLSS 1000 Special Sections–Spring 2013

The special population sections for Women only (section 23) and Non-Traditional aged students (section 14) will not be offered this spring semester. Due to the anticipated lower enrollments both sections will not be offered this spring but may be offered again in the future.

However, the following special population sections are open:

Latino/a students –section 6

Pacific Islander students — section 28

For students in these sections to register please send their name and ID#s via email to Whitney Fullwood. She will allow them to add the section and then the student must register for the section.

Thank you.

Renee Borns

Reneé F. Borns, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of College Success Studies

University College

Utah Valley University

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