FYI – Wolverine Track Announcements


Just a few news announcements about Wolverine Track:

  1. We are happy to announce that Chelsey Darrington has accepted the position as Program Manager – Degree Audit.  She will begin on September 16, 2012.  Please continue to send your Wolverine Track questions to Wolverine Track and they will continue to be answered in a timely manner.
  2.  We have not received many templates from you for this Fall semester.  Please remember that it is a requirement from the President’s Unique Educational Mission papers that all of campus is to be using Wolverine Track.  All of our students need to have plans created.  We can help you by preloading some plans, but we need you to turn in your templates!  Templates are a semester by semester listing of the suggested courses to take for a student’s degree program.  They have to be updated each year, as we do not know if you needed to make any adjustments from the previous year’s listing.  Please contact me if you need further clarification on this.
  3. Please note also, that there is a new website for Wolverine Track You can also view the Infomercials from this website, if you have missed them around campus!
  4. Just a reminder, as you were told previously, there is a direct link in UVLINK to Wolverine Track now by the CANVAS icon.


Margaret Bellon

Director, Graduation/Transfer Services

Utah Valley University

800 West University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058



FYI – Thank You to Advisors!

Dear  Advisement Forum Member,

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who participated in Monday night’s Freshman Convocation. We know what a sacrifice it was to attend after a long work day—we appreciate your dedication and support!

Nearly 1000 freshmen, with over 2,000 family members, attended this inaugural event!  Countless students and parents expressed their gratitude for being welcomed to UVU in such a unique and special way. Your presence was noted and appreciated by all who attended.

We hope to see you all again at next year’s event!


Martha Wilson  |  First-Year Experience Coordinator

Office of Student Success & Retention  |  Utah Valley University

Office: 801-863-5190  |  Mobile: 801-641-4040 |


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FYI – Changes in SAP Appeal

We wanted to provide clarification regarding the Financial Aid SAP Appeal and the role of Academic Advisors in this process.  Note- this information is only referring to SAP Appeals, not the Maximum Credit Hour Academic Plan.

The SAP Appeal form states that, if the student’s failure to be in compliance with SAP is due to events beyond the student’s control (i.e., serious illness, severe injury, death of a family member, etc.), and if they can document the mitigating circumstances, they can appeal.

The appeal form explains the steps to be taken by the student for appeal consideration.  This includes completing and submitting the actual appeal form, writing a statement explaining the reasons they did not meet the SAP standards and their resolution, and providing documentation from an impartial third party who can support their claim.

Appropriate documentation for a claim would be, for example, if the student’s reason is for medical reasons, the best documentation is from a doctor.  Another example is in the case of a death, the best documentation would be a death certificate.  Because their mitigating circumstance must have supporting documentation, the Financial Aid Counselors do not encourage students to have their Academic Advisors support their claim.  We understand that you most likely only have second hand knowledge and, therefore, do not feel comfortable providing this documentation.

After meeting with staff members from Academic Standards, the Financial Aid Office decided to add a comment on the appeal form stating, “Documentation from an impartial third party (not a family member, friend, roommate, or Academic Advisor).”  This was the only change to the form.

While we do not encourage students to see their Academic Advisor for this documentation, there may be rare cases in which the Academic Advisor is the only person who knows the mitigating circumstance (i.e. their failure to meet the standards was due to difficulties with concurrent enrollment classes).

If a student asks you to provide supporting documentation, and you do not feel comfortable doing so, please know that the Financial Aid Office supports you in this decision.  You can explain to the student that their documentation should support their reasons for failing to meet the SAP requirements.

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FYI – UVU’s Graduate School Fair

Dear Advisor,

We wanted to let you know about an important upcoming event:

UVU’s Graduate School Fair

Monday, October 1, 2012


Grande Ballroom

100+ graduate school programs will be in attendance. Flyers will be available at September’s Advisement Forum. Invite your students to attend the grad school fair to make contacts, get info, and win prizes! Detailed info available at the link below.


Grad School Fair Planning Committee

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FYI – Salt Lake Community College Transfer Day

Hi All,

This year Utah Valley University has been assigned September 26th for their Fall Transfer Day on Salt Lake Community College’s Redwood Campus. The event will go from 10:00-2:00.

This event is highly advertised by the advising center at SLCC by having banners, flyers, and posters put up across campus as well as advertised on their website and postcards mailed out to students.

Salt Lake Community College is our number one feeder school in the state. I would greatly appreciate any and all advisors who would be interested in coming to speak with potential transfer students on this day. You will be provided with transportation and lunch.

Please respond to me directly, , with any questions or to sign up.

Thank you very much!


Brianna J. Larson

Transfer Coordinator

Prospective Student Services

FYI – Additional Quick-Link to Wolverine Track for Students

FYI – If you haven’t noticed already, a direct link to Wolverine Track has been added next to the Canvas Icon in UVLINK.  This link is meant for students and at this time it launches only as the student roll  (i.e. you will only be able to see your own information if you use this link).  Please feel free to point out this quick and easy link to students.

Advisors should continue to use the link from the dashboard or Advisor Menu while advising.

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FYI – Freshman Convocation

Freshman Convocation is this Monday, August 27th at 6:00 p.m. in the UCCU Center. Over 1100 students have sent their RSVP (plus 2500 family members.) If you are planning to join us, please arrive at the UCCU center by 5:20 p.m. in your gray convocation t-shirt to line-up for the advisor processional. The line-up begins in the hallway connecting Jamba Juice and the event center.

If you can attend and have not received your t-shirt, please come by our office on the 4th floor of the Losee Building (LC405) TODAY to get one.

We realize this is a huge sacrifice on a Monday night after a long first day of school, so on behalf of 1100 freshman, thank you!

Michelle Kearns

Student Success & Retention<>



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FYI – New Academic Standards Counselor and Academic Standards Holds

I am pleased to announce that we have a new continued probation counselor. Morris Havea has taken Amy Baird’s place.  Morris has worked at UVU in the past as a probation student mentor in multicultural.  Morris has a bachelors from BYU in Special Education, and a masters from BYU in Public Administration.  Morris has also worked at Wasatch Mental Health as a case worker.  His extension is the same…. 6828.   Please welcome Morris when you get an opportunity!!

Please remember that all Continued Probation students and Suspension students and Continued Suspension students must meet with us in addition to meeting with their major advisor.

If you find that their hold has a future start date (ex. Oct 15 2012, so not active yet) that will mean they have already met with us and they are free to register for classes with your guidance.

If they have an active cont. probation, suspension, or continued suspension hold , they must come to our dept. to clear that.

Standings for summer 2012 have now been run, so probation holds will be placed today or tomorrow.

Thanks for all you do!


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FYI – Testing Services Annoucement

During the break between semesters, Testing Services hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Friday  8 am to 5 pm  (last test handed out at 3 pm)

Saturday – closed

However, we will be open on Saturday, August 25th for last minute placement testing from 9 am until 3 pm.

The ACT-R for this Thursday, August 16th is full, so we have just opened another session in the afternoon of Friday, August 17th.  Come on in to the office to sign up.

Also note that Testing Services will be closed on Wednesday, August 22nd for a staff training.

August   Assessment Testing Schedule








12 13  8 am – 3 pm 14  8 am – 3 pm 15  8 am – 3 pm 16  8 am – 3 pm 17   8 am – 3 pm 18  closed
19 20  8 am – 3 pm 21  8 am – 3 pm 22  closed 23  8 am – 3 pm 24  8 am – 3 pm 25  9 am – 3 pm
26 27  8 am – 3 pm 28  8 am – 3 pm 28  8 am – 3 pm 29  10 am – 6 pm 30  10 am – 6 pm 31  9 am – 3 pm


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FYI – Summer 2012 Graduation

We expect to be able to start awarding/posting degrees on August 20, 2012.

The attached e-mail was sent to Summer 2012 graduation applicants indicating all coursework and exams should have been completed as of August 10, 2012. We asked applicants to review their Wolverine Track audit and make sure ALL requirements SHOW as complete by September 15, 2012. This includes (but may not be limited to): ANY Missing (‘M’) or Incomplete (‘I’) grades, surveys, grade changes, exceptions/substitutions, challenge/experiential credit, and transfer credit from other institutions.


UVU Graduation Office

File attached to original email: SUMMER 2012 Graduation.msg



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