FYI – Summer Registration Reminder for ENGH 0990, ENGH 1010, and ENGL 2010/2020


Summer registration for ENGH0990, ENGL1010, and ENGL2010/2020


  • student registers for ENGL1010
  • during the 3rd week of the session (i.e. May 28 – June 2) the student fills out the Clearance Form (available at the English & Literature Department) and  has the ENGL1010 instructor sign the form documenting that the student is passing ENGL1010 with a C– grade or higher
  • student returns the signed Clearance Form to the English & Literature Department
  • the English & Literature Department staff inputs an override for ENGL2010/2020 on the second (B) block

*The above process is also followed for students registered in ENGH0990 during summer first (A) block and wishing to register for ENGL1010 during summer second (B) block.

Fall registration:  If a student is registered for ENGL1010 during summer 2012 they are eligible to register for ENGL2010 or ENGL2020 for fall 2012 without a prerequisite override or any other accommodation from the English and Literature Department.   (This same process also applies if a student is registered for ENGH0990 during summer 2012 and wishes to register for ENGL1010 during fall 2012.)

Thank you.

English & Literature Department



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We are still experiencing questions about the UAS Attribute.  Things to keep in mind…


UAS stands for University Advanced Standing.  The President has requested that students not be allowed into any Upper Division course work until they have demonstrated their ability to succeed.  This “success” was decided to be 24 credits of GRADED course work (to include transfer credit) with a GPA of at least a 2.0.  This GPA is currently not stored anywhere, as it is an internal calculation of UVU and all transfer work.  Students receive this attribute when they apply to the University, and it is recalculated whenever an event to their Student Record occurs.  (That means, transfer credit added, courses graded, majors changed, etc.)


We have had questions where a student has 72 credits and a 1.8 GPA.  This will stop upper division enrollment as the student does not meet the requirement of a 2.0 GPA.  The advisor then has the opportunity to counsel with the student and determine if upper division credit is best for them, or the repeating of the course work leading to the lower GPA would be better.  The advisor is able to grant an ATTRIBUTE OVVERRIDE for that course if desired.


We have had questions where students are still enrolled in classes for Summer that would then add up to 24 hours.  ALL Courses must be graded before they can count.  (We have to see the GPA!)  So, again, the student should continue in the lower division, unless the advisor feels that it is best to give an Override.  This would usually only be done in cases when waiting would put the student out of sequence for departmental offerings.


Also, we have had questions about Foreign Language 3050 courses.  The language advisor has stated that Attribute overrides for the 3050 course may be granted to students.  Students do not, in this case only, need to see the departmental advisor for the attribute override other UVU advisors may allow them the Attribute Override.


If you have a student that you feel should have been given the UAS attribute but was not, please let Margaret (8348) know so she can work with the programmer and get it fixed if warranted.    We have really only had a handful of students needing this, and think we have most of the issues worked out.  The only issue we have now is making sure everyone understands!   Please let me know if I can help you in any way.


Margaret Bellon




FYI – Description of Fall 2012 Hybrid Courses and Learning Community Course

Good Morning Everyone,

Enghfall2012schedule- Final Proof 03-05-2012

To help you with advisement, attached is the fall 2012 schedule; it indicates which ENGH 0990 sections are multi-day hybrids. All BC sections (except a few evening classes) are “hybrid” classes, meaning a combination of traditional classroom instruction and online instruction.  Most 0890 and 0990 sections are one-day hybrids–four days on campus, one day online. Four sections of ENGH 0990 are multi-day hybrids–two days on campus, three days online (we have no multi-day 0890 hybrids scheduled for fall 2012 but will for spring 2013).  The 0990 multi-day hybrids rely heavily on Canvas and the Distance Ed course design (they’re like Distance Ed classes with built in face-2-face support).  Students who are not somewhat “tech savvy” probably should not be advised to take the multi-day hybrid classes.  ALL Basic Comp classes (even the non-hybrid evening courses) include digital literacy components and requirements which include using Canvas, emailing w/ attachments, completing a variety of digital / online assignments (such as peer review or editing exercises), and creating multi-modal projects such as PowerPoint presentations or graphics.

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FYI – Learning Communities for Fall 2012 and Registration Procedures

The following ALC pairings are now confirmed in the Fall 2012 schedule:

#1 Psychology 1010 and CLSS 1000

PSY 1010 General Psychology CRN: 21857

MWF 10:00-10:50 LA 212 Sec 005

CLSS 1000 University Student Success  CRN: 21855

TR 10:00-11:15 CS 410 Sec 018


#2 ENGL 1010 and CLSS 1100

ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing CRN: 10885

MWF 1100-1150 GT 618B Sec  037

CLSS 1100 Stress Management/Hardiness CRN: 19030

MWF 1200-1250 Sec 006 LC 222


#3 ENVT 1110 & MAT 1010

ENVT 1110 Introduction to Environmental Management CRN: 21244

MWF 0800-0850 EN 102 Sec  001

MAT 1010 Intermediate Algebra CRN: 10408

MTWR 0900-0950 LA 203  Sec 015


#4 MATH 1050 & ENGR 1000

MATH 1050 Qualitative Reasoning CRN: 10008

MTRF 0900-0950 CS 402 Sec 003

ENGR 1000 Engineering Science CRN: 11060

TR 1000-1115 CS 501 Sec 001


#5 ENGL 1010 & CLSS 1000

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing CRN 10908

MW 1300-1415 GT 632 Sec 060

CLSS 1000 University Student Success CRN: 1072803

TR 1300-1415 CS 411 Sec 033


Registration Procedure:

Advisors may enter the ‘Approval Override’ on BOTH classes, or advisors may refer the students to One Stop (in person or on the phone) and the One Stop staff will assist the students in registering for BOTH classes.


This is the message that students see when trying to register for one of a paired Learning Communities class:

Thanks to LuAnne for the excellent instructions and screenshot for the overrides.

Amy Baird

Academic Standards Counselor, Utah Valley University, 801-863-6828


FYI – Accuplacer Help Sheet for Students

Good Afternoon Everyone,


Attached is an updated “Helps for Taking ACCUPLACER.”  I have updated the links so they work.  This is a great help for students to get ready to take the Accuplacer assessment.   It can also be accessed on The Learning Strategies website on the left hand side under quick links.


Thank you.


Pat Nelson, Coordinator

Learning Strategies Support

Utah Valley University

Orem, UT  84057



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FYI – Casting Call for Wolverine Track Commercial

Hi All,

I have been asked to schedule 2 advisors and their offices for the Wolverine Track commercial that is in production. We need advisors that are available Tuesday April 10th from 12:30pm to 3:30 pm. The commercial will be about 60 seconds in length. There will be no speaking parts, basically, just video of an advising session for “Jill” student (on track using Wolverine Track) and “Joe” student (not on track-using “Willy Nilly”).

Please get back to me ASAP if you are interested.


Heather Park

Wolverine Track Coordinator


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