FYI- -Prospective Student Services Open Houses – March

Hello all,

Our final March Open Houses are coming up!
Here is who I have attending:

March 1st, 6:00-8:00, Center Stage (Sorensen Student Center)

• Admissions – Ryan Burton
• College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Sam Banford
• School of the Arts – TBD
• College of Science & Health – Terrell Whyche
• School of Education – Shaunna Requilman
• Financial Aid – Sarah Heywood
• Emergency Services – Bonnie Fehr
• University College – Chrystine Whyte
• Academic Counseling Center – Marti Webster
• Pre-Health – Jennifer Orchard
• Extended Studies – Amie Wells
• Aviation – Ken Sink
• Turning Point – Carol Verbecky or Shalene Matthews
• Accessibility Services – Carolyn Johnson

March 8th, St. George Hampton Inn

• College of Science and Health – Thayne Dickey
• School of Education – Shaunna Requilman
• College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Gae Robinson
• Emergency Services – Mary Ellis
• School of the Arts – Rae Ann Ellis
• Academic Counseling Center – Marti Webster

Please let me know if your travel or hotel accommodations have changed from what I have listed.

If you do not see that your department is listed, but plan to attend, please let me know who you plan to have as a representative at either event. If you find that you are unable to participate, please let me know as well.

Thank you all very much for your willingness to attend!

If you need anything or have any questions, please contact me directly at or x7445

Brianna J. Larson
Transfer Coordinator
Prospective Student Services

FYI – International Essay Contest Web Page

Behavioral Science Advisor Tara Ivie has won UVU’s Third Annual International Education Essay Contest. Runner-up is Marilyn Riddle, academic advisor for Aviation Science. The winner receives an opportunity to travel with one of UVU’s International Study Programs.

For this year’s contest, full-time UVU advisors composed essays in response to the question, “In what ways will I, as a UVU advisor, help students overcome hurdles (emotional, academic, financial, etc.) and transform their dream to participate in an international education experience into a reality?” Essays were judged anonymously. The goals of the contest were to encourage advisors to assist students in exploring the international education opportunities offered by UVU and to give one advisor an amazing international education experience.

In her essay, Ivie recalled the process of helping one of her students overcome hurdles in order to achieve a personal goal of participating in an international education experience. Ivie receives an all-expenses-paid experience with a UVU International Study Program. She has chosen the Middle East: Peace and Justice Studies program, which travels to Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank this May.

Visit the web page for the full essay:

FYI – Graduation Ceremonies are now a two-day event!

Hi Everyone,
The graduation ceremonies (Commencement and Convocations) have been held on one day in the past, but this year will be held on two days. Commencement will be held on Thursday, April 26th with a processional starting at 6:20 pm and Convocations will be held throughout the day on Friday, April 27th with the earliest ones beginning at 8:30 am and the last one beginning at 4:00 pm. For more details, please visit the graduation web site:
Please contact our office if you have any questions.

UVU Graduation Office


FYI – Withdrawal Exception Form

The last day to officially withdraw from full semester classes for Spring Semester was Tuesday, February 21.  Beginning Wednesday, February 22, students wanting to withdraw will need to see the department advisor of their major to obtain a Withdrawal Exception Form (which requires department chair approval).  Please note: Students do not obtain forms at One Stop or the Registrar’s Office.

Academic Advisors may access the Withdrawal Exception Form through UVLink:

  1. Click on the Advisor Tab
  2. Click on Services and Resources
  3. In The Forms Channel (right-hand side) Click on the Withdrawal Exception Form

The second page of the form lists the step-by-step procedures for withdrawing from individual courses or from all courses.

If students are withdrawing from INDIVIDUAL courses, the approval needs to come from the department chair of the course.

If students are withdrawing from ALL of their courses, the approval needs to come from the department chair of his or her declared major.

Official withdrawal is not complete until the form has been received and processed at One Stop prior to the last day of the semester…April 26, 2012.





FYI – TC to TR hold Conversion

Hello All,
On Nov 14, 2011 the following e-mail was sent:

The Transcript Conditional (TC) to Transcript Required (TR) conversion was not run for the Spring Semester. If you have placed a TC hold and the transcript has not been received, please place a TR hold on the student and if the transcript has been received, then remove the TC hold.

Remember that the TC hold does not prevent registration while the TR hold does. With Structured Enrollment, TC holds will no longer be placed and so this process will only be run one more time and that will occur about three weeks prior to registration for the Summer semester.

I plan to run the conversion on Feb 29, 2012 and so please check to see if any of your TC holds are no longer valid before that date.


J. Waterreus

FYI – Graduation Ceremonies Registration Deadline March 2nd

Students who graduated in Summer or Fall 2011 and students who applied to graduate in Spring 2012 have been sent an e-mail via their UVLink address inviting them to participate in the Commencement/Convocation Ceremonies which will be held on April 26th and 27th. Participation is desirable but not mandatory. The e-mail also has a link to the 1st Commencement Letter which contains registration, cap & gown purchasing, announcement ordering, and other important information.

All students wishing to participate in the Commencement and/or Convocation ceremonies must register to participate with the Graduation Office by March 2nd and must wear a black cap & gown and green stole to the ceremonies.

The UVU Bookstore is hosting a Grad Fair on March 20th & 21st where students can purchase a cap & gown, announcements, diploma frames, school rings, and more all in one stop.

Additional information for students & a link to the 1st Commencement Letter can be found at

Faculty/Staff information can be found at

Graduation Office

FYI – Invitation for Advisors to attend Jump Start

Good Morning Everyone,

Shad would like to invite you all to attend a new student orientation so you can provide input for things to be covered that will help prepare students for their advisement sessions….all of the orientation dates are posted on the UVU website Let me know if you need more info.
Much Appreciation,
Rachael Solomon
Administrative Assistant

FYI – Salt Lake Community College Transfer Day

Hi everyone,

This Spring, we have been assigned Wednesday, February 22nd as our Transfer Day to be on campus at the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus. The event will be held from 10:00-2:00. There will be a car-pooling option which will leave at 9:00 and return no later than 3:00.

I know there is a web conference also being held here on campus that day, but if you do not have plans to attend and would be available to come to SLCC, I would greatly appreciate it!

If no one from your college or school will be available to attend, please let me know and I will come pick up materials from you.

Please respond directly to me at

Thank you!


Brianna J. Larson
Transfer Coordinator
Prospective Student Services

FYI – This weeks Advisor Trainings

Good Morning Everyone,

We would like to remind you of the Trainings Scheduled for this week. If you would like to sign up for trainings please use the ATD Registration System if this is your first time taking a training from us please contact me so that I can enter you into the system.

This week’s trainings

Tuesday February 14th
Advisor Learning Circle, in LC 306, from 11:00 – 12:00
Wednesday February 15th
Your Type is Showing! Using the MBTI in Personal & Professional Development, in LC 306, from 10:00 – 11:00
Thursday February 16th
Advisement Forum, in LI Lecture Hall, from 9:30 – 10:30
Webinar: From Orientation to Graduation: An Online Approach to Advising (1 of 2), in LC 306 from 3:00 – 4:00


Much Appreciation,
Rachael Solomon
Administrative Assistant