FYI – Academic Standings Lists

Please let me know if you would like a list of the students in your major who are on various levels of Academic Standards.

In your email please include the major codes that you advise for (BMGT, BESC, etc.) and if you advise for a certain part of the alphabet. I will send you an Excel spreadsheet with your students sorted by standing.

Have a great day!


Amy Baird
Academic Standards Counselor, Utah Valley University, 801-863-6828

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FYI – June 30th Certification Deadline Approaches

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that June 30th quickly approaches! This is the date which to complete certification requirements. If you have any forms that need to be turned in please get them to Rachael Solomon in LC 403 by the end of the day Thursday JUNE 30th. Also, if you have any questions about your current path toward certification, please let Rachael know and she will give you an update.


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FYI – Spring 2011 Graduation – Deficiencies Posted

We finished posting graduation deficiencies on June 20, 2011.

Please see the e-mail attached to the forum notice that was sent to the remaining Spring 2011 graduation applicants indicating they are now required to complete a new graduation application pay the related fee(s) in order to graduate.

UVU Graduation Office

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FYI – Summer Bridge Event July 15th in Centre Stage from 10-12

Hi all!

A while back I sent a save the date email for a Summer Bridge program event happening on July 15th. The Summer Bridge program hosts an event each Friday over the summer. July 15th will be a day for the students to learn more about financial aid as well as the academic programs we have here at UVU. It will be held in Centre Stage from 10-12. Financial Aid will be giving a presentation for the first hour. We need advisors to be at tables from 11-12 to represent their schools/colleges. Since the venue is smaller than what we would normally use for something like Jumpstart, we are just looking for one advisor from each academic area to attend and represent their school/college. Please discuss who might attend this event in your areas and RSVP to Kaitlyn Andreason at Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your willingness to help!

Kaitlyn Andreason
Academic Advisor
Utah Valley University
School of Education
(801) 863-8478

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FYI – Stoplight Hyperlinked

Great news! The Stoplight button found on the Student Verification page is now hyperlinked. This means you can now click on the colored button and the student’s Stoplight Report page will open. Give it a try.

As always, don’t hesitate to e-mail me,, with suggestions for improvement of our Stoplight report.

Marcy Glassford, Program Coordinator
Student Success & Retention, room LC 405m
Utah Valley University
800 West University Pkwy., ms 284
Orem UT 84058
801-863-7067 or

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FYI – Faculty/Advisor PDF Forms in UVLink

After migrating to Windows 7 and Outlook, some are having difficulties submitting the Faculty/Advisor Forms (substitutions, major changes, challenge/experiential, etc). Below are some tips to make this transition as smooth as possible.

* Make sure Mozilla Firefox is your default browser
Free Download available at:

* If you previously tried to submit the form using Mozilla Firefox but received an error, clear your browsing history
1) Open Mozilla Firefox
2) Click on Tools
3) Click on Clear Recent History…
4) In the Clear Recent History window, Make sure
a) Time range to clear: says Everything
b) All boxes are checked
5) Click on Clear Now button

* Make sure Outlook is your default e-mail client
(instructions for desktop client – not the web application)
1) Open Outlook
2) Click on the File tab
3) Select Options on the left side
4) In the Outlook Options window, make sure the General box is checked
5) Toward the bottom under Startup Options, make sure the Make outlook the default program for e-mail, contacts and calendar box is checked
6) Click on the Default Programs button and make sure that mailto under protocols is checked.

* If still having issues, repair Microsoft Office 2010
(this will set Outlook as the default e-mail client for everything)
Determine if your computer is using as 32 or 64 bit Operating System
1) Click on Start Menu
2) Click on Computer (or My Computer) folder
3) In the Computer window, right-click then select Properties
4) In the System window, take note of the System type: (32 or 64-bit Operating System)
Download Microsoft Office 2010 (32 or 64-bit version)
1) Login to UVLink
2) Click on Help tab
3) In SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS section (middle of page) – click on the plus sign next to the WIN OS folder
4) Click on the plus sign next to the Microsoft Office 2010 folder
5) Click on either…
Office_2010_32_KMS.exe (for 32-bit Operating System)
Office_2010_64_KMS.exe (for 64-bit Operating System)
6) In the Opening Office_2010_??_KMS.exe window, Click on Save File
7) In the Save window, make sure you know the location where the file is being saved (or change location to your desktop) then Click on the Save button
8) Double-click on the downloaded/saved document then click on Run.
9) Follow the on-screen prompts to install…choose Repair when prompted to repair or remove.
10) Restart your computer after install is complete.

* Always access the Forms via UVLink
1) Login to UVLink
2) Click on Faculty/Advisor tab
3) Under SELECTED MENU: (on the left), Click on SERVICES AND RESOURCES
…Links to the forms will appear on the right 🙂
4) After you fill out the form and click on the Submit Form button, make sure to choose the Desktop Email Application radial button

* Call Stacy Smither (ext. 6811) with questions/problems/suggestions

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FYI – Learning Communities Brochures

Good Morning!

The Learning Communities brochures are finally here and ready to go. I handed out copies at the UVU Advisor Conference, but I am not sure if everyone was able to get extra copies. Please let me know if you would like more copies for yourself or for your reception area.

Our enrollments are very, very low right now so we need your help to fill the classes. The courses are taught by some of our top faculty at UVU and will include some pretty amazing engagement activities. Many groups are planning to go down to the Capitol Reef Center for activities and service.

REMEMBER, in order to register for a Learning Community you must do a “LINKED COURSE” override for both courses. The brochure has the CRN’s listed. I know that this is very inconvenient and frustrating. We have been working with BANNER, but it seems this problem cannot be solved at this time. If you would like, you can send the students to me and I can help them register for the courses.

Thank you again for all your help. This Learning Communities Pilot would not be possible without YOUR help.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Amy Baird
Academic Standards Counselor
Utah Valley University, LC 402B

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FYI – University Studies Bachelor Program Exploration

Dear Colleagues,
The University College is exploring the creation of a University Studies Bachelor program at UVU and is researching the potential initial demand for such a program. During the conversations held regarding this program, it was suggested that feedback from advisors across campus might be warranted, specifically in relation to students that may need more alternatives when choosing a major.

Some students already identified that may have interest in the completion of a BA/BS in University Studies would be students that:
– Have promoted as far as they can within a profession and need a degree to continue advancement
– Have multiple credits in different areas and want to receive a degree utilizing as many of those credits as possible
– Have applied to a specific program or major and were not admitted, but still want a degree
– Students that are simply interested in a well rounded degree encompassing multiple disciplines (distinct from the Integrated Studies program)

So…In your professional experience and interactions with students, do you see any potential candidates within your departments that may be interested in completion of a BA/BS in University Studies for any reason? If you regularly see students that may need an alternative major plan for any reasons, this information would be greatly helpful.

Please send any feedback to Adam Black in the Academic Counseling Center at or ext 6378.

thank you-
The UC team

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FYI – Religion Credit (For Advisement Forum)

After much further discussion among the Deans and AAVP’s AVP, the following statement has been added to the catalog and to the Transfer page on the Internet:

Courses in religion will be evaluated on the basis of the particular orientation of the course as determined by the UVU Religious Studies Committee. In order to be considered, these courses must be listed on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution and must demonstrate scholarly rigor and critical engagement with the subject matter.

The transfer tables on all Religion credits were set back to “Not Accepted” as of May 1, 2011. What this means is, Religion credits as a whole are not granted credit again, unless the Religious Studies Committee approves them for electives or as an equivalent course to one of ours. They have reviewed many courses during this past weeks and the tables are being updated as they are approved. Please make sure you review the on-line articulation tables to see if a student will receive credit for a course. There is no set answer for any institution anymore. Please check the tables.

Students will not “lose” any credits that they have previously been awarded.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Margaret 8348.

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FYI – Student Success Seminar

Have You Registered?

Retaining First-Generation Students: Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond presented by Academic Impressions
Session 2: Co-Curricular Activities to Engage First-Generation Students
Wednesday, June 8, 2011
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
room SC 206c

This is a two-part series with session two designed for academic advisors and student affairs administration and staff responsible for participating in retention initiatives. Fore more details about this event, visit to download the pdf brochure.

Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend. Call 801-863-4000 with questions.

Marcy Glassford, Program Coordinator
Student Success & Retention, room LC 405m
Utah Valley University
800 West University Pkwy., ms 284
Orem UT 84058
801-863-7067 or

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