FYI -TC to TR hold conversion

On March 16th a TC to TR hold conversion process will be run in Banner. Please check the students you placed TC holds on to see if they now have transcripts and if they do please remove the holds. The TC hold does not prevent registration but, the TR hold will. Attached is a spreadsheet of active TC holds for your convenience (Contact ATD for Attachment).

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Forum Meeting Reminder

Hi All,

This is a reminder that there is an Advisement Forum this week, Thursday, January 20th from 9-10:30 a.m. in SC 206 a/b. See you there!

Please take a moment to sign up on the Advisor Training registration system if you plan to attend. A tentative agenda is attached.

As a reminder, here are the steps to follow:

1) Login to UVLink

2) Go to the “Advisor” or “Employee” tab

3) Click on the “Sign up for Advisor Training” link in “The Training Channel” box located at the right of the page

4) Search for the applicable month and register for the desired Forum

Click Here to see the Agenda → 2011-January 20

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FYI – Substitutions for Graduation

The graduation office is expecting over 1200 graduation applications to be submitted between now and February 4th plus an additional 400 through February 28th. In order to expedite the application review process (and to avoid phone calls from our office), please submit all substitutions/exceptions as soon as possible. You can also put notes in Wolverine Track, SPACMNT, and/or e-mail

Thanks for all you do!
Graduation Office

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FYI – Lists of Students on Academic Standards

Good morning!

If you would like a list of all of your assigned students who have received an Academic Standards hold, please email Amy Baird at Please include the major codes that you would like to have included in your list. I will sort the list by standing and include the students who have returned to good standing.


Amy Baird
Academic Standards Counselor
Utah Valley University, LC 402B

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FYI – Fall 2010 Graduation – 1st Posting Complete

We finished the 1st round of awarding/posting degrees on January 7, 2011.

The attached e-mail was sent to the remaining Fall 2010 graduation applicants indicating we were unable to award their degree at this time and all requirements must show complete in Wolverine Track by January 15, 2011. This includes (but may not be limited to) missing/incomplete grades, grade changes, surveys, exceptions/substitutions, challenge/experiential credit, and transfer credit from other institutions.

UVU Graduation Office


Dear Fall 2010 Graduation Applicant:

The graduation office has reviewed your graduation application and was unable to award your degree at this time. NOTE: All requirements must show as complete in Wolverine Track by January 15, 2011 or you are required to reapply for a future semester.


  1. Review your Wolverine Track audit for outstanding requirements.
  2. Contact your academic advisor as soon as possible with questions.
  3. If you will not meet the January 15th deadline, reapply for a future semester.

Requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • All Current Semester Grades
  • Incomplete ‘I’ and Missing ‘M’ Grades
  • Grade Changes
  • Challenge and Experiential Credit
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credit
  • CLEP and DSST Credit
  • Required Testing
  • Departmental Exceptions
  • Other Non-UVU (Transfer) Credit

Questions? Contact us.

UVU Graduation Office

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FYI – New pilot classes ENGH 0990- 3-Day Hybrid

Basic Composition is piloting a total of four ENGH 0990 sections that meet three days on campus and two days online (the third day on campus–for Forrest on Fridays, Melinda on Tuesdays–is an optional drop-in day in the Computer Classroom; faculty are required to be there, but students have an option to treat that as an online day as well).  The curriculum being used by these sections is very close to the curriculum used for the online 0990 courses.  For now, we’re calling these classes our “3-day hybrids.”

Forrest Williams:
ENGH 0990-013 and 016; MW in LA 202; F optional drop-in day in LA 005 (students in EITHER section may drop in during EITHER hour); TR online.

Melinda Bender:
ENGH 005 and 007; MW in LA 226; T optional drop in day in LA 005 (students in EITHER section may drop in during EITHER hour); RF online.

Lisa Williamson
Academic Advisor – ESL & Basic Composition

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FYI – Resetting Student Passwords

Dear Advisors,

Please note that if you call to the One Stop Call Center when a student needs to have their UV Link password reset, the staff in the Call Center must speak directly with the student. We can only reset passwords at the direct request of the student. Thank you for your help with this.

Lori L. Duke, Assistant Director
Utah Valley University
One Stop Call Center/Instant Info

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FYI – Learning Communities Invitation

UVU Advisors:

We greatly appreciate the work you do with our students, and we know this is a very busy time.

However, we are launching our training and development phase for the campus-wide Learning Communities Initiative in Fall, 2011 on Friday.
You’ve probably heard of this already, but we will hopefully have 8 communities this coming fall; each will consist of 2 linked courses and the same cohort of students, taught back to back.  These will be much more than just two classes taught to back to back — they will be integrated courses focusing on “big questions”, engaged teaching and student learning.

We think that advisors have an important role to play in getting this program off the ground and also in future implementations.

On Friday, this Friday, January 7th, we are bringing in Greg Smith from the University of Wisconsin.  He has a lot of experience with starting and supporting learning communities (they call them FIGs, Freshmen Interest Groups).  He will be meeting with the advisors at 4 pm  to discuss your role in this exciting initiative.  I know that some of you have already RSVP’d, but we would love to see as many of you there as possible.  Please consider freeing up your schedule at that time.  We will be meeting in LC306 at 4 pm.

I hope to see most of you there!  🙂
If you have questions, feel free to contact Amy Baird or myself.


“A society’s competitive advantage will come, not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity.”
— Albert Einstein

Anton Tolman, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor, Behavioral Sciences
Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence

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FYI – Letters of Completion of General Education

Just a reminder:

Letters of Completion of GE for students wishing to transfer to another USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) institution, must be sent by the Graduation Office, or the other institution does not know if they are valid.  We just received an email from Southern Utah University questioning a letter sent to them by an Academic Advisor.  Please direct the student to the Graduation office, BA 114, to have their credits verified and an official Letter of Completion sent to the specific USHE Institution.   These are valid only if the student is transferring before completing their Associate or Bachelor degree and have completed (and have graded courses) all required General Education.  Also, the student must have met our residency requirements.

Letters of Completion of GE are not acceptable at BYU.  They are not an USHE Institution.

Thank you
Margaret Bellon
Director, Graduation and Transfer Services

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