FYI – New Retention Mentor Office

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This email message is to inform you that my office has been changed from LC 405 g to LC 405 c as of today.  Becky Miller and I will be sharing an office.  I will be in the office in the mornings and on Fridays, and Becky will come in the afternoons.  My phone number is the same: 801-863-8920.  Please feel free to drop by and say hello.  We hope this make services provided by Retention Mentors available on a more consistent basis.

Thank you,

Angela S. Roberts
Retention Mentor
Student Success and Retention
Utah Valley University
LC 405 C

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Policy Update – New Procedure for Exception to Accuplacer Testing

New Procedure for Exception to Accuplacer Testing:

Student may be granted an exception from their academic advisor, to register for one semester before Accuplacer test scores are reflected on their record.  This exception should NOT be granted if the student requests to bypass one or more parts of Accuplacer.  For example, no exception should be made if they want to complete two parts of Accuplacer, but bypass the third.

Testing must be completed by the following dates:

Fall –  October 15th,    Spring – February 15th,   Summer – 1st Block, June 15th, 2nd Block July 15th

How to Grant Exception:

If student is out of state AND is unable to complete the Accuplacer Test, clear the AC hold and place an ET hold (ET does not prevent registration).  Inform student that testing must be completed before the deadline date.  In-state student should not receive this exception.

If ET is not cleared by deadline date, it will change to NT (through a job submission) and student will not be eligible for further registration.  When test scores are input on student’s record, the NT hold will be cleared (through a nightly chron job).

Enter reason for exception on SPACMNT or Hold Comment in Banner Self Serve.


Gives academic advisors the ability to use their judgment to best help a student.   This exception should only be used on a very limited basis – it is the exception NOT the rule.

Prevents students from being sent between departments…..”the run around”.

Allows student to register online and accept the tuition payment agreement.

Other Info:

Pre-requisite checking will not allow students into classes where pre-requisite is not met.

This procedure does not replace the TC/TR procedure currently being used in regards to unofficial transcripts seen by an advisor……..this is in addition to TC/TR and used specifically in regard to Accuplacer testing.

A report will be run once the NT hold is placed and then student records will be monitored for compliance….NO further exceptions made.  Report will show if student is registered and who allowed the exception.  Students who have been waived for a second semester, will have their classes administratively withdrawn.

This exception is granted only for Accuplacer, not ACT testing.

FYI – MAT 097R

We would like to encourage advisors to recommend the MAT 097R series for incoming students who test into MAT 0950  AND those on the HIGH END of the MAT 0920 placement scores.  We would prefer not creating more 0920 sections and they are all currently full.  The new 097R series classes meet twice a week in a classroom setting with regular lectures and group work and then twice a week in the Math Lab in LA 004 with the teacher for help on the computerized homework.  The class is set up with modules that students may work on until they are reach competency level.  There are 10 sections available this fall in the initial pilot program.  Advisors are approved to make the appropriate over-rides for this or they may refer them to the Developmental Mathematics Advisor, Robert Williams.

Robert M. Williams
Developmental Math Advisor
LA 221a

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Clearing AC Holds for HSCE Students

REMINDER when clearing the AC Holds for HSCE students…

It is important that a student’s major is changed when clearing the AC hold, so please submit a Major Change form.  These students should be treated like all incoming NEW students so please check for the following BEFORE clearing the hold:

* If a student is under 21 and has not completed 15 or more credits, then we need an ACT or SAT score.  If a student has more than 15 credits, we need Accuplacer scores for both Math and English.

* If ACT or SAT Math & English scores are at not at the set UVU standards, student must take the Accuplacer exam.

* WebStart – Please make sure all students complete this before releasing the hold.

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FYI – 2010 AP Exam Scores

The Transfer Credit Office received the Advanced Placement transcripts from CollegeBoard yesterday. We have 1,040 separate entries to post which is almost double what we received in 2005. We will post them as quickly as possible. Please allow 2-3 weeks for these to be processed.

Students can check their copy of the CollegeBoard report to see if they requested a copy to be sent to UVU. If the transcript has Margaret Bellon UVU on the bottom, then a copy was sent directly to UVU. If the student did not have a copy sent directly to UVU, they will need to contact CollegeBoard to have one sent. Please do not send students to the Transfer Credit Office with their AP transcript.  We can only award credit from official transcripts received directly from CollegeBoard or official (sealed) High School transcripts.

If a student requested a transcript be sent to UVU before they apply for admissions yet, they will need to notify our office at 801-863-8438 once they have a UV ID.

Transfer Credit Office

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FYI – Reminder: English 1010 & 2010/2020 registration process

English & Literature Department
Effective:  Summer Registration 2010

Please follow the process listed below when assisting students regarding ENGL 1010 and ENGL 2010/2020:

1.  Appropriate prerequisite scores from ACT, SAT, and Assessment tests
scores expire every three years
Remember-Accuplacer scores cannot be combined with any other test scores

2.  ENGL2010/2020:  prerequisite of ENGL1010 with a C- grade or higher

3.  Transfer credit must be received and reviewed by UVU’s Transfer Credit Office

4.  Transfer credit:  Articulated ENGL1010 courses must have a minimum grade of C- or better; if grade is lower than a C-, student must complete assessment test.
Remember, not every transfer course with a course number or course title similar to Introduction to Writing fulfills the ENGL1010 writing requirement.

5.  Prerequisite overrides for ENGL1010:   NONE, student must have appropriate test scores posted or college prep course completed with a C- or better; if there is any question on regarding how to assist a student, the student should be advised to contact the English & Literature Department.

6.  Prerequisite override for ENGL2010/2020: NONE, student must have completed ENGL1010 with a C- or better at UVU or equivalent course is input on UVU’s computer system and meets above requirements;  if there is any question regarding how to assist a student, the student should be advised to contact the English & Literature Department.

7.  By following the above guidelines, prerequisite overrides should not be needed for ENGL1010 and ENGL2010/2020. If all prerequisite scores, prerequisite courses, and transfer credit is currently on UVU’s system the student will also be allowed to utilize the Wait List function.  Wait List Template with instructions available on English & Literature website.

8.  Summer sessions for registering for ENGL1010 and ENGL2010/2020 —  example:  student registers for ENGL1010; during the 3rd (third) week of the session the student fills out the Clearance Form (available at the English & Literature Department and the department’s website) and  has the ENGL1010 instructor sign the form documenting that the student is passing ENGL1010 with a C- grade or higher; student returns the signed Clearance Form to the English & Literature Department;  the English & Literature Department staff inputs override for ENGL2010/2020 for the B block.   Wait List Template with instructions available on English & Literature website (instructors)

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FYI – Message for Advisors July 2010

Internship Mugs…need a refill???

UVU’s International Center and Internship Services thanks you again for your help in promoting internship opportunities for your students!

Let me know if you need some more candy…and we’ll get it to you early next week.

Please contact Leanna Escobar at with your name and office location so we can come up with a refill.

If you have any neat conversations to share about students interested in internships…please let me know.  We’d love feedback on how the candy filled mugs are doing.

UVU International Center

“Preparing Globally Competent Citizens”

Leanna Escobar
Administrative Assistant
UVU International Center
(801) 863-8342 office
(801) 223-9478 fax

“Preparing Globally Competent Citizens”

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FYI – UPDATE on Southern Virginia University

All Spring 2010 degrees and deficiencies were posted by June 30, 2010. Students with deficiencies have been notified via UVLink email to reapply for graduation. Degree information, including deficiencies, can be checked in UVLink under the Student Records menu. UVU Diplomas have been mailed to the address they listed on their graduation application.

Feel free to contact the graduation office if you have questions.

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