Change in student deadlines

Hello All,

Due to some IT issues Tuesday afternoon, we have extended the following deadlines by one day:

Wednesday, Sept 7     Is now the Last day for 100% Refund (any refund) for Full Semester Classes

Wednesday, Sept 7     Is now the Last day to Drop and Not Show on Transcript for Full Semester Classes

Thursday, Sept 8         Is now when the W grade Begins for Withdrawn Full Semester Classes

All other dates on the Student Timetable remain the same. ( )

If you have questions or concerns, let us know.

LuAnn Smith

Registrar – Registration/Records

Utah Valley University

Fall 2016 Graduation Application Deadline

PLEASE advise students to apply for Fall 2016 Graduation BEFORE Friday October 7th

Prospective graduates must complete the online Graduation Application via Wolverine Track which is FREE until the appointed deadline. (From October 8th to October 31st there will be a $25 late fee.) The Graduation Application is accessible through Wolverine Track under the Degree Progress Bar. If the student has not attended UVU within the last seven semesters, they must fill out a readmissions application in order to access Wolverine Track. Additional information about the application process is online at

The Graduation Deadline Flyer is attached may be printed and posted around your office to notify students.


UVU Graduation Office

Fall Oct 7_2016

Summer 2016 Graduation 1st Posting Complete

We finished the 1st round of awarding/posting degrees on August 26, 2016.

The attached e-mail was sent to the remaining Summer 2016 graduation applicants indicating that if Summer 2016 graduation requirements are missing in Wolverine Track at this time, the student is in risk of having their graduation denied. We also noted that all requirements must show as complete in Wolverine Track by September 15, 2016. This includes (but may not be limited to) missing/incomplete grades, grade changes, surveys, exceptions/substitutions, challenge/experiential credit, and transfer credit from other institutions.

UVU Graduation Office
graduation@uvu.eduDenial Warning_STUDENT EMAIL Text

Advisor Quickpoll: New Admission Deadline Feedback


As you may remember, with the support of Presidents Council, this fall we closed admission to UVU on August 12th.  Our goal was to give students, advisors, and other staff a full week to help students get registered, without adding hundreds of new students into the mix.  We hope this helped each of you as you worked with incoming and continuing students.  To help us better understand how this impacted your day-to-day, please take a moment to answer two questions in the quickpoll located at this link:

We are also very open to any additional feedback you want to include.

Our goal is to continue to monitor the deadline to make sure we are offering incoming students the best possible service and support.

Thank you for all you do.

Kris Coles

Director of Admissions

*This message has only been sent to Academic Advisors.

Math Substitutions

Some questions have come up about Math Substitutions so we put together some information that may be helpful.

Sorry that this sounds like a “textbook” response, we just want to disperse more specific information for our advisors.

If a student seems to be struggling with math, please feel free to send them to Accessibility Services in LC 312, 801-863-8747 to make an appointment!  We love to help students who have, or may have a disability.  At times, we may be able to assist a student struggling with math through other types of accommodations than a math substitution, depending on the qualifying documentation.  Please do not have students request a specific counselor.  All of the Accessibility Services Counselors are equally trained and the front desk will help them get in to see a counselor.  The counselor does not make the math substitution decision, it is passed on for approval.  The documentation, being thorough, relevant, and significant is what makes the decision.  The documentation must show that there is a specific and significant disability in math.

Math Substitutions are rare and are not a waiver; it only provides a substitution.  It can only be substituted with one class (and the students agree that it is not easy).   Try not to mention which class this is.  (If they take this class first, and the substitution does not work, they will be even more frustrated and behind). The substitution is not a solution for students who would like to graduate earlier or because the student should be graduating soon and still has a number of math classes to take.  Fewer than 1% of students will qualify for a math substitution.

The documentation cost is the responsibility of the student and the required tests can take some time to complete.  Student Health Services is a bit cheaper but it also has a 4 month waiting period before the student can begin this testing. For these reasons, please do not promise a math substitution process but just send them our way for resources.  A promise might cause the student a great deal of frustration if they do not qualify and may waste precious time needed in meeting their math requirements.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time.  We would love to hear about any concerns and will try to find solutions that will work for your students.

Many thanks!!

Accessibility Services

RE: Academic Standards

Dear Advisors

There was a IT glitch with the probation holds that were placed. You will notice 2 probation holds placed (Aug 29th and 30th), please clear them both once the student has done the workshop. Sorry, we have corrected the problem.


Jan Klingman

Academic Standards Director

Utah Valley University


Registration Policy

As a reminder, the English & Literature department has never approved late adds into their courses as beginning a course in the second or third week of the semester is not conducive to student success.  In addition, the department would like to remind all that UVU policy states, “students may not attend classes for which they are not officially enrolled.” (UVU 2016 – 2017 Graduate & Undergraduate Catalog)  Being on a waitlist is not the same as being officially enrolled.

Samuel D. Banford

Academic Standards

Dear Advisors,

Thank you so much for all the work you do with students. Academic Standings have been run for summer semester. Holds have been run for students on Probation, Continued Probation, Suspension, Continued Suspension, and Dismissal.  Holds will be run after September 8th for Academic Warning. This is hopefully to help students make some last minute changes to their schedule, while also setting them up for success in the next semester.

Please remember as you work with students on Continued Probation that it is important they meet with the Standards Office to review their standing. Our office will remove the CP hold.  It is our opportunity to make sure they understand the critical nature of their semester, and that they face suspension if certain standards are not met. We also want to establish relationships to help them find the support they need to navigate back to their success.

Again, thank you for all you do and if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office.


Academic Standards Office

For your reference here is the text of the emails sent to students on Probation and Continued Probation:

For Probation:

Based on your Summer 2016 grades, your current academic standing at UVU is listed as Probation.

An academic standards hold has been placed on your account.

This hold will prevent you from registering for classes or adjusting your schedule.


  1. Visit
  2. Print the Probation Workbook
  3. Watch the Probation Workshop video
  4. Schedule an appointment with your major advisor
  5. Take your completed Probation Workbook with you to your appointment to clear your hold

Thank you.

Academic Standards

*Please do not respond to this email. Please contact your major advisor with questions or email one of the academic standards staff directly. Academic Standards staff information can be found here:

For Continued Probation:

Based on your Summer 2016 grades at Utah Valley University, and including your cumulative GPA, your current academic standing is listed as Continued Probation. Even if your semester GPA was above a 2.0, your cumulative GPA may still be below a 2.0 and you remain on Continued Probation.

An academic standards hold has been placed on your account.

This hold will keep you from registering for classes, or adjusting your schedule.

To remove your hold:

  1. Visit
  2. Print the Continued Probation Workbook
  3. Watch the Continued Probation Video
  4. Schedule an appointment with an academic standards counselor
    (See here and look for Lisa Williamson or Kristen Nuesmeyer or call 801-863-8075)
  5. Bring your completed workbook with you to your appointment

We look forward to working with you!


Academic Standards

*Please do not respond to this email. Please contact your major advisor with questions or email one of the academic standards staff directly. Academic Standards staff information can be found here:

Kristen C. Nuesmeyer, M.Ed

Academic Standards Counselor

Utah Valley University

Office: LC 402b

Phone: 801-863-6828


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

MyUVU issues

Here is the latest update on the myUVU problems we are experiencing today.

A hardware failure on Friday took out 1/3 of our capacity on the servers that service myUVU. Those server are expected to be repaired by tomorrow.

In the meantime we are working to add extra resources to myUVU to stabilize it until the repairs are completed.

We are also trying to make sure that students know that they can get to Banner through the UVLink URL that’s on the myUVU landing page.