Spring 2017 Graduation

Hello Advisors!

We expect to start awarding/posting Spring 2017 degrees on May 11, 2017.

The attached email was sent to all Spring 2017 graduation applicants requesting that they review their Wolverine Track degree audits for any missing graduation requirements. All requirements must be showing as complete in Wolverine Track by May 31, 2017. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All current semester grades
  • Incomplete (‘I’) and/or Missing (‘M’) grades (must be changed before ANY degree will be awarded)
  • Departmental substitutions, exceptions, or waivers
  • Grade changes
  • Challenge/Experiential credit
  • AP (Advanced Placement) credit
  • CLEP and DSST credit
  • Transfer credit
  • Exit surveys
  • Graduating student portfolios
  • UVU Residency

Please feel free to contact us or refer students to our office with any questions about graduation.


UVU Graduation Office



End of Semester_STUDENT EMAIL Text

Summer 2017 Graduation Application Deadline

Hello Advisors,

The graduation application deadline for Summer 2017 is coming up. All prospective graduates MUST apply through Wolverine Track by clicking “Apply for Graduation” under the Degree Progress bar. Please advise students to apply for Summer graduation before Friday, June 2.

The attached graduation deadline flyer may be printed and posted around your offices to notify students.

Additional information about the application process can be found on our website.


UVU Graduation Office


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Hi All,

Sign up now to attend the 2017 UVU Advisement Conference!  Click on this link to register:  http://webapp.uvu.edu/advisortraining/acs/

We just learned a few days ago that we will not be able to hold this conference at the Wasatch Campus any longer by order of the UVU Fire Marshall.  Apparently parts of the campus have been remodeled and a group our size can no longer be accommodated.  As a result, we have had to scramble to find a venue that can accommodate us this year and we are grateful that Skyridge High School in Lehi stepped in at the last minute to help us out.  It is a beautiful new school in a location that allows us to still get off campus, and it is close to other kinds of fun that folks in our group like to have on their own after the conference, such as the Traverse Mountain Outlets, American Fork Canyon, and several golf courses.

For future years, we have already begun working with a couple of other venues in the Heber Valley to find a new home for our conference.

Jumpstart Orientation on June 2nd


Several of you have asked whether we are moving forward with the Jumpstart on June 2nd as it conflicts with the UVU Advisement Conference. The answer is, yes, we are. At the point that the date conflict hit my radar, we already had close to 100 students signed-up. I felt it would be too confusing for them to try and move them to a different date. Frankly, I’ve been challenged in keeping my arms around all of the Jumpstart moving parts after Chelsea’s departure. This is not an optimal scenario, I agree, and I apologize for any staffing conflict and inconvenience that this situation may cause for you.

I completely understand that many departments may not be able to participate in the resource fair on this date. So, I’d like to get a count on how many departments will be able to participate at the June 2nd resource fair. Will you please send me an email and confirm whether your department will participate on June 2nd? This will greatly help me in making some contingency plans.

As always, thank you for your support of Orientation at UVU!



Martha Wilson

Assistant Director, Orientation & First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience & Student Retention

801-863-5190 | uvu.edu/firstyear/

DegreeWorks and Financial Aid

As you know, our staff anticipated that we would implement for summer semester disbursing financial aid for only courses that helped the students meet the requirements in their program of study.

During testing of the financial aid disbursement, we found some concerns with the function of the product.  Consequently, we will not implement these changes for summer semester.  We anticipate that some updates will be provided for DegreeWorks to have it function properly when reviewing eligibility for financial aid and the program of study.  This is supposed to happen in the coming weeks.  After these updates have been installed, we will retest the product to determine if it can be implemented for Fall Semester 2017.  If it functions as anticipated, we will communicate it to you as quickly as possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.


John Curl

Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Utah Valley University

800 W. University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058


Identifying Deferred Orientation Holds


We’ve had some recent questions about how to determine if an orientation hold has been deferred. I hope these screen shots are helpful and save you some time and frustration as you assist students.

If you’re using Banner INB (SOAHOLD), look at the ”From:” date (circled below in red). If the date is in the future, the hold is not currently active. In this screen shot the date is June 15, 2017—the Jumpstart date that the student has signed-up for. This means that the hold will not be active until June 15, 2017, and the student is currently able to register for classes.

The second screen shot is the same student as viewed from the advisor dashboard. You’ll note that under Holds there are “No Active,” and the “OH” is noted under Future Holds. Again, this means that the OH is not currently active, and the student is able to register.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information that may be helpful to you. As always, feel free to call our orientation office if you have questions or need assistance in finding out where a student is in the process (x5491). We’re happy to help!

Math Placement Update


As we transition to the new ALEKS Placement process there is a need to update the way Math placement scores show in banner and on the advisor dashboard.  The dashboard and banner may now display two Math Placement scores: MAT and AMP.  Math course placements prior to ALEKS implementation remain valid until they expire and will continue to be designated as MAT.  ALEKS math placement, ACT scores of 26 or higher and SAT scores of 660 or higher, will be designated as AMP (ALEKS Math Placement) and will display adjacent to MAT scores in the advisor dashboard or if looking at the test score screen in banner you will see 2 separate entries.  The student’s record may show one or both placements depending on whether they have completed one or both placement options.  If you see a student with two different course placements, they have the option of registering for either course.  As you advise these students, you will of course guide them to the appropriate one for their individual needs.  Here is an example of what you may see on the advisor dashboard:

Math Placement Score (AMP/MAT): 110/105 (01-FEB-2017/01-FEB-2017)

Because current and prospective students have already been told that their ACT or SAT will place them into a math course, we will continue to accept ACT or SAT scores for placement in math until early next year, and then will no longer accept ACT scores under 26 or SAT scores under 660 for placement in math (we will continue to require ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer for placement into English).  You will be informed of the ACT cutoff date as soon as it is determined.  This messaging has been changed in the recruitment tools now being used.  As a reminder, while current Accuplacer math scores will be honored, we are no longer offering the Accuplacer exam for future math placement.

Thank you for your assistance during this transition.  By having these two scores during the transition period we are able to keep our word to current students in regard to course placement, as well as help our current and prospective students find the optimal path to successful math and degree completion.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact Tiffany Evans.


Completion Grant Information


In the next few weeks you may see an increase of students coming to your areas for signatures on Returning Wolverine Grant and Wolverine Completion Grant applications, these should not be confused with the Summer Completion Grant. Please see details below.

Returning Wolverine Grant

Open and available for Summer 2017

Funding is limited; first-come, first-serve

Wolverine Completion Grant

Open and available for Fall 2017

Deadline: July 19, 2017

Students who are eligible for these grants have been directly contacted by our office and encouraged to apply for the appropriate grant. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Noemy Medina, M.S. | Degree Completion Program Manager

First Year Experience & Student Retention | Utah Valley University

Losee Center |Rm 405 h

800 West University Pkwy|Orem, UT 84058

NoemyM@uvu.edu  | 801-863-7408