MyUVU issues

Here is the latest update on the myUVU problems we are experiencing today.

A hardware failure on Friday took out 1/3 of our capacity on the servers that service myUVU. Those server are expected to be repaired by tomorrow.

In the meantime we are working to add extra resources to myUVU to stabilize it until the repairs are completed.

We are also trying to make sure that students know that they can get to Banner through the UVLink URL that’s on the myUVU landing page.



ENGL 1010 & ENGL 2010

New evening sections of ENGL1010 & ENGL2010 have been added to the fall 2016 schedule.  There are also ENGL1010 online sections that have availability.  Please direct your students to these sections.   Thank you.

English & Literature


Summer 2016 Graduation

We expect to be able to start awarding/posting degrees on August 22nd, 2016.

The attached e-mail was sent to Summer 2016 graduation applicants indicating all coursework and exams should have been completed as of August 12, 2016. We asked applicants to review their Wolverine Track audit and make sure ALL requirements SHOW as complete by September 15, 2016. This includes (but may not be limited to): ANY Missing (‘M’) or Incomplete (‘I’) grades, grade changes, challenge/experiential credit, advanced placement (AP) credit, CLEP and DSST credit, departmental exceptions/substitutions, and transfer credit from other institutions.

UVU Graduation Office

End of Semester_STUDENT EMAIL Text

Registration Referrals

Hello colleagues,

In the last week we have had the strange phenomenon of multiple students coming to the ACC stating that their major advisor referred them to us for assistance with class registration.  There has been several now, or we would have typically passed it off as confusion or a misunderstanding on the student’s part.

When we explain that they were sent here in error they obviously are not pleased and react accordingly.  We are not sure why this would be the case, but if you have students that need assistance with registration, please refer them to Instant Info, who are trained to provide this service.

Thank you!
The ACC team.

Short reminder to clear any possible confusion regarding GE Waivers

GE Waivers fall under Wolverine Track, within the Office of Senior Registrar. The Wolverine Track group administers the processes and policies which attend to the awarding of GE Waivers. Please refer all questions concerning GE Waivers to the Wolverine Track group:

Kris Clayton ext. 7559

Rachelle Blake ext. 6315

Kristy Giles ext. 8417

Happy August to you all,

Wolverine Track Group

Admissions Deadline Update

Below are changes to the application deadline and subsequent late fee timeline with supplemental items deadline for Fall semester 2016.

  • Monday, Aug 1 was the deadline for admission to UVU.
  • August 2nd – 10th is our late fee admission timeframe. The Application shut off for this late time frame will be Aug. 10th after we complete our banner push in the morning.  We will not accept applications after the 10th unless there are special extenuating circumstances, which will be handled on a case by case basis by the admissions office.
  • Aug 10th – 12th will be the time period for students who have already submitted an application to complete submitting their supplemental items.

Kris Coles

Director | Admissions

Utah Valley University

SB 196 & QL 1900

Dear Colleagues,

After a lengthy process of researching and understanding the ramifications of SB 196 (Math Competency Initiative), we will be awarding QL1900 to our first cohort of high school graduates beginning this semester.

As a reminder, these students qualify for QL1900 by scoring a 26 on the ACT or a 660 on the SAT in the math section of those tests.  Students are to be awarded the credit upon admission and we are currently solidifying an automated process to handle this for future semesters, this semester we will be doing it manually.  We will be sending an email to affected students this week informing them of the legislation and that this could impact courses that they are currently enrolled in or plan to be enrolled in.  Because QL1900 affects individual majors differently, we are encouraging students to speak with their advisor about their academic plan. For your information 1,948 students qualify for QL1900, 224 of those students are currently enrolled in a math course.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Transfer Credit or Admissions.


Kris Coles


Just a reminder that we are collecting money early this year for our annual Sub-for-Santa families!   So far we have received $100  in donations. With advisement forum being cancelled, I encourage you to use the square cash app or website to donate.  You can still bring checks/cash to either Shalece  (EN 101b) or Andrea (LC 403).

Thank you all for helping make Christmas happen for our students!

Shalece & Andrea.

Christmas in July