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Happy Monday!

There is an issue right now with using Chrome and Wolverine Track.  There was an update to Chrome last week which made it so a student will not load in Wolverine Track. 

Chrome is working on this and will be sending out an additional upgrade.

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for Wolverine Track is working fine.  

Thanks for your patience.

Kris Clayton

Program Manager – Degree Audit

Advisement Survey


UVU Academic Advisors,

The Advisors on the Advisement Council have been working at the request of  Senior Vice President Jeff Olson to define what the essential tasks and responsibilities of advisors are at UVU. While it is understood that a majority of advisors’ time is spent interacting with students in some way, as part of this assignment we are looking to get a better understanding of the tasks that advisors do that are in addition to our regular contact with students.

This brief survey is completely confidential and anonymous and is being conducted not to judge the value of the tasks that advisors are involved in, but to simply better understand the various time demands on advisors. If you have any questions about this survey feel free to contact Tom Liljegren at tliljegren@uvu.edu.

You can access this survey online at http://uvu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_4VigRnAzDodPPRX. The survey will be open until August 3rd.

Thank you in advance for your help in filling out this survey.

Advisement Council Advisors


Tom Liljegren, M.S., Ed.S.

Lead Academic Advisor

Earth Science and Physics

Utah Valley University

(801) 863-8616

PS 201a

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Changes and Open Positions

Hi All,

Just wanted you all to be aware of some open positions on campus.  As you may have heard, my office has changed its name!  We are now Office of Senior Registrar instead of Graduation and Transfer Credit. (Yes, Senior does mean “old”!)  Transfer Credit Evaluation has moved under Kris Coles in Prospective Students and Admissions. LuAnn Smith remains “THE Registrar” and none of her duties have changed, so if you have been working with her office on certain issues regarding registration, leave of absence/deferred admission, student records, transcripts, petitions, etc., that will remain the same.

My office has gained the responsibilities of Academic Curriculum Implementation, Academic Room and Course Scheduling and Catalog to go along with Veterans, Graduation and Wolverine Track.

With those changes, we have a few open positions that I want you all to be aware of.

Director: Veterans Student Success Center

Assistant Registrar: Curriculum/Scheduling

Coordinator: Curriculum

Please let those know who might be interested and are qualified to apply.

Margaret A. Bellon

Senior Registrar

Utah Valley University

MS 213

800 West University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058-6703




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Physical Science Advising Update

Terrell Wyche has been hired to fill the new Physical Science advisor position and will now be advising for the Chemistry department (all three emphases and Chem. Ed.).  His new extension is 5642.

Students in the Biology majors may continue to be referred to Heidi Creer and Thayne Dickey.


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Annual AP Credit Batch Received

The Graduation/Transfer Services Office just received the annual list of Advanced Placement (AP) scores.  This year we have over 500 more exams to post than last year. If a student requested a copy be sent to UVU, it will be listed at the bottom of their AP copy…please do not refer these students to our office.  We are entering them on the student records as fast as we can.  It will take us approximately 3 weeks to enter all of them.  Credit will only be awarded for AP scores of 3, 4 or 5.

As soon as we have awarded credit for a student’s AP, it will show in Wolverine Track.

The following web page lists what credit will be awarded according to the test taken and score received.


Mindy Swenson

Assistant Director – Graduation & GTS Project Manager

Utah Valley University




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Student Fee Changes

In the past, regular student fees were only assessed to students taking classes on the main campus and a flat $52 fee was charged for each class taken off campus or online. Students with a combination of regular face-to-face classes and online classes could end up paying more in student fees than their colleagues who were only taking classes on the main campus. Beginning Summer 2015, online classes will no longer include the $52 fee, but will be assessed general student fees as outlined in the tuition table in the catalog. A very limited number of Aviation classes will continue to pay only the $52 fee.

Beginning Summer 2015, the general student fee will be $354. The rate at 15 credit hours (commonly used for reporting) will decrease by $10 per semester or 2.75 percent and will plateau at 10 credits instead of 7.  This reduction in general student fees is the first reduction in at least two decades.

These changes were effective April 14, 2015 and should benefit most students. In Summer, if a student registered for an online class prior to that date and then changed their registration, they could see an adjustment to their student account.


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Updates to Academic Renewal Policy

Please review this important reminder of the updates to the policy on Academic Renewal:

From: Advisement Forum
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 11:30 AM
Subject: Updates to Academic Renewal Policy

Advisement Forum,
Policy 522 was recently updated.  Changes were made to the Academic Renewal Policy and went into effect January 1, 2015.  The attached information will soon be updated in the University Catalog.  Please be familiar with the changes as you share this with your students.


LuAnn Smith


Utah Valley University


Academic Renewal Updated Begin 1-1-15

Advisor Training and Development Department Update

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the addition of Tom Liljegren to the Advisor Training and Development staff.  Tom has been hired as the Advisement Training Coordinator, replacing Dave Belt who recently left  the University to focus on some unexpected personal concerns.

As many of you know, Tom has been working at UVU since 2010 as an academic advisor for the Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science departments, and since 2012 as the Lead Academic Advisor in the College of Science and Health.  During his time at UVU he has been recognized for his excellence as both Academic Advisor of the Year and Student Advocate of the Year among other awards, and has served as a member of the Advisement Council and the chair of the Advisement Assessment Task Force.  Prior to coming to UVU, Tom worked as the Assistant Director of the Psychology Advising Center at the University of Utah, and as a School Psychologist for the Davis School District.  Tom has Bachelor’s Degrees in both Psychology and Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Degree.

We are thrilled to welcome Tom to the staff.  He will begin in this new position on July 27th.  If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact me directly.  Have a great week!


K. Wade Oliver, M.S

Director,Advisor Training and Development
Utah Valley University



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